All About Document Management

by John J Nash

When it comes to document , there is a computer system known as Document System, which is also referred to as DMS. This computer system, which is a collection of computer programs, is used to track as well as store documents of electronic nature, along with images (and sometimes without images) of paper documents.

In computer terminologies, there is some overlapping of words, as for Document Management Systems it is sometimes mixed with Content Management Systems. Although there is some correspondence between these two, but both of them contain different sets of characteristics.

Actually, document management systems have such variety within their fundamental nature that they can sort from a small shoebox to the content management system of an enterprise. No one can deny the existence of a number of issues in the appropriate management of documents. These issues include if the system is an informal or ad-hoc or paper-based process it will only need a single individual, but the case would be different if the system is more proper along with being structured and computer-enhanced, and could be accessed by a lot of people across the span of multiple offices.

The dimension of procedures that are used for document management addresses quite a few areas. First, there is the matter of location that answers the question that where the document will be saved or where do people need to search in order to get access to the contents of the document. This process of searching and keeping a document is just similar to finding it from a file cabinet; it’s just easier in its nature.

Databases are used by the Document Management Systems in order to store metadata about documents. As far as actual physical files are concerned, a File System is meant to store them. Then there is an area of retrieval in the process of document management. This includes both, the process of browsing through documents and searching for particular information.

With that, document management system looks after the security of documents too and prevents any unauthorised personnel from getting access to them. In case of any problem, if you lose your documents, document management can tell you ways through which, your documents can be retrieved.

Document Management System will assist you with the retention (that covers the job of maintaining the set of documents according to an information overload), distribution (the appropriate arrangement of accessing documents to the relevant people who may need them), archiving (long run readability concerns) and workflow (the smoothness of the whole process and preventing any hindrances from blocking it). Thus Document Management System will help you in all of the above.

Overall, document management is a very complex and detailed procedure that looks into a variety of areas for proper functioning. It is the smooth functioning of the document management system that allows the fulfilment of the purpose, having been conditioned to do so.

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