Receiving On Site Payments Free

by Lucas Heijn

Running an internet business from home or anywhere requires being able to receive on line. For many this may seem like a problem. It is actually easy and painless. You can set up a payment processor at no cost, but still have a reliable and secure credit card payment method.

Our focus in this article is:

Where to get safe reliable credit card payments

How to place the payment button into the web page.

A , secure and reliable payment processor is PayPal. The only cost with PayPal is a small charge for each sale that is made. You only pay out of your profit when a sale is made. Go to and open an account. You will be required to verify this account. PayPal will tell you how. You will be expected to supply your credit card details. This is quite safe with PayPal.

The first thing you will need to do is set up your download page. You will need the URL of this page in setting up the payment button. This the URL that your customers will be sent to after a successful payment has been made.

Now you need to log into your PayPal account. After you log-in look for Merchant Tools. Open Merchant Tools and this opens up to you some options. These options are: Shopping Cart, Buy Now Buttons, and Subscriptions and recurring Payments.

The Shopping Cart is used on sites that have a number of products to choose from. This allows the customer to decide to purchase something and then continue looking and buying other items, and then finally going to the checkout and paying for the items selected.

Buy Now Buttons are used on sites where the sales page offers just one item. There are no choices to be made, only to buy the product on offer. This button will send the customer directly to PayPal to finalize the transaction.

Subscription and recurring payments work the same way as the buy now button as there is only one product on offer. This product has recurring payments. This could be a hosting account that is paid monthly. You can set a cheaper trial period and then recurring payments at the usual rate. You can also set how often the recurring payment needs to be made, weekly, monthly, yearly or any setting you choose.

Once the details are filled in PayPal provides you with an encrypted script that you need to install on your sales page. You will need to position it where you want the payment button to appear.

Using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor, scroll down the page to where you want the button to appear. Now click your mouse here so that the cursor is blinking where the button is to appear. Create a table. Click your mouse inside the table, and change the view to code view. You should now see the cursor blinking in the code. Make sure you have copied the PayPal code to the clipboard of the computer. Click on “Edit” and then “Paste”. This will insert the PayPal code into your page. If you need to center it just use center as you would text.

Now go to browser view and check how it will look on line.

That’s it! You are now able to receive payments on your site.

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