Design Your Home Around One Item

Sometimes when you are shopping you may find a piece of furniture, painting, or rug that you may want to create the whole room around. It can even be a lamp that you want the main focus of the room on. This is the way that a professional designer will fix a room up. This is also the way the beginning designers are taught, but they also need to make sure that the is a good .

For example, some novice designers will fall in love with a statue. The only problem being that most statues are made of few colors. This can cause issues when it comes to choosing an actual color palette for the room that the item is being used as a center piece for. Therefore, it is much wiser for a novice designer to choose an item that has more color in it, if they do wish to the room around a specific item of decor.

Seasoned designers actually suggest using a painting or area rug as a center piece when using them as a means of inspiration for design. The reason for this is simple. The majority of area rugs and paintings consist of a wide variety of colors. It is much easier to focus an entire room around an area rug than it is to design a room around a colorless statue.

One of the world’s top designers confesses that they actually always pick out an area rug and introduce it to a room before committing to a complete design. They will place the area rug in an empty room and will use it as the starting point for executing their entire rooms design. This method puts an old saying to action: “start from the ground up.”

However, the majority of homeowners will look at an empty room and simply note the overall carpet color and think that they have to decorate the room based on the overall carpeting. But if an area rug is introduced to the room, they will then have a wide range of colors to choose from. This is very important for houses that feature a single carpet color that covers the entire house. In situations like that there is no other choice than to add a colorful area rug to a room.

You might feel awkward basing a rooms design around one item but in fact this is a great method to use and it’s very popular with interior designers that do this all the time. If you’ve seen great rooms designed by interior designers you would never have guessed that it started with just one object or item.

Always keep in mind to be cautious on the item you choose as your focal point to build your room upon. Try choosing something which is full of life with quite a bit of colors instead of something plain or dull.

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