220 Electric Lines And How Hard Is It To Run To An Outbuilding ?

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I bought my husband a dust collector for his woodshop which is approx. 150 feet from our house we have line in the house how would it be to a line to the shop and approx. what would the cost be, I did not know the collector was and we can not return it thanks for your help Sandy

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    • Billy C
    • December 10, 2009

    You’ll need a dedicated breaker in your house and at least #10 wire for this and maybe larger depending on how much power (amps) you’ll be using out there. The wire will cost you about $1 a foot but you’ll also need to bury it and that’s what will cost you a bundle. You’ll also probably want to put in a small breaker box out there to split the current off to switches and outlets.
    If that’s the only reason to run 220 out there then just sell the collector and buy a different one. You’ll be money ahead.

    • cpitre74
    • December 10, 2009

    first you need to know the amps it will draw. you can probably get away with # 10 wire they make direct burial wire so you don’t have to run conduit. it needs to be run from a breaker . your local hardware store can assist in the supplies and they should have an electrician on staff that can answer any other questions you may have

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