Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Before you go looking for kitchen refacing companies just read through this very informative write-up. I will present some of the most important basics and assist you in your decision on the style and general progress of your in the kitchen.

There are some many websites that claim to provide articles that are all about but end up mixing the ideas and suggestions made with replacement. Let me quickly walk you through the following key points.

What is Kitchen cabinet refacing?

This is a way of making old to look new by adding a new coating such as laminate, veneer or thermofoil. Most often this involves only changing the door fronts and drawer from but not the whole cabinets.  Ideally the process is easier and faster than a complete .

When compared to buying , refacing is way cheaper. So in essence, this is probably the most convenient way, coupled with affordability and efficiency, of making your cabinets to look new.

Let us briefly look at some of the different coating that is used  


This is basically a material but you can also get some made from thin sheet resins e.g. that made from polyethylene. One thing about it is that it is cheapbut it is most vulnerable to wear and tear. Having said that, it can really withstand and does seal heat really well.


This is considered to be a revolutionary new wood-like material for Cabinetry.  It has e.g. RTF or Vinyl and it has a thick that is bonded permanently to a warp-resistant engineered wood core.

This is material made from wood. It is quite thin as it is cut from a log with a peeling, sawing or slicing machine. This is used to give the cabinets a fine wood grain. Take note that this material comes in a variety of species. This means you will need to consult with an expert to help you find the best for you kitchen.

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