How to Add Candle Making Scented Oils to Your Handmade Fragrant Candles

Candle Making Fragrance Scents for hand made Candles

Every so often, we just want to get a whiff of the scent of a neighborhood bakery’s warm strawberry pie, or a balmy air, but cannot because there are not many opportunities to get a whiff of these ‘rural’ aromas.  Can an individual make such a quaint atmosphere in his metropolitan dwellng in a jiffy? The answer is closer than we think.  We can just get a couple of fragrance candles and allow the fragrance of the scented candle making oils to disperse inside out homes.  These life fragrancesdo come in a box. Or, in this case, some fragrance wax in a container and a lighted wick.  The craving for aromas is one of the main reasons why candle makers learned how to incorporate aromas into their wax crafts.  Beautiful aromatic candles can be sold at premium prices in trade shows and online because individuals want to give these handcrafted candles as gifts.

As a candle consumer and now, a home made candle producer, you might have wondered why some handcrafted candles smell sweeter than the others, despite that the smell kind is the same (;ime, sweet candy, peaches etc.).  Now that you’re starting your own candle making business, you should know that candle making fragrance oils play a big role in aromatic candle quality. This could mean that if the oil you bought for crafting candles isn’t concentrated enough, the aroma of the handcrafted candle while it’s burning will not permeate the whole house, or will only be smelled for a few minutes.

When you must select an oil to use in candle crafting, remember the fact that both quantity and quality of the fragrance oils are crucial in the method of candle production. You also must consider the volume of scented oil your wax can hold and the type of hand made candle wax you’re using.  Moreover, your wick must be the correct kind to be able to burn easily and throw the scent.

You could be mulling over the time when you can add the aromatic oils in your liquefying wax.  Which part in the process of candle crafting can you add these fragrance oils?  Here are some tips to adding candle making scents to your wax.

There are two instances when you can add scented oils.

The first is the moment you take off the heat source and the handmade candle wax starts to solidify to pouring temperature.  Another is the time when you start pouring your wax into the containers.  Whether you add your aromatic oils during the liquefying or while pouring, you must remember to put an exact measurement of oil.  When the home made candle wax is liquid or melted enough, add the fragrance oils.  The dispersal of your fragrance oil in the wax is crucial for the reason that your customers would like to smell the fragrance of your hand crafted fragrant candle longer.

The fragrance must also be uniform from the moment of lighting to the time when the home made candle has melted completely.  If you’re crafting bigger batches, it’s best to determine the amount of scented oil you will need for the entire batch to avoid wastage of aromatic oils, wax, wick and other handmade candle making supplies. Some people use approximation to determine the amount of aromatic oils to add, but this procedure is expensive and not economical.  The best process is still to get a recipe and follow the instructions to the letter.

Here is more information on How to Make Scented Candles. Here is a website with a free mini-course dedicated to Candle Making

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