Kitchen Design For Small Homes

You can opt to have your designed into a galley . Galley kitchens are sheped like a rectangle and have cabinets on the lengthier side. This style can be mostly found in apartments, townhouses, condos, smaller and old houses. Galley kitchens are great since you have everything you need at arm’s length. It is advisable that for have galley kitchens. This article will teach you how to make your kitchen into a galley kitchen.

Like what is mentioned above, a galley kitchen is filled with cabinets on both sides. So, the very first thing you need to do is to install cabinets. You have to decide how many cabinets are to be installed. These cabinets should be ceiling high and should be right over your countertops. You need to consider using the same material, and color for all of your cabinets to give balance which makes your kitchen more beautiful.

You can also add lights underneath your cabinets to have a lovely, cozy look. This idea will turn your old kitchen into a modern room. Do not only install lights under the ceilings, but also under cabinets especially those are in the countertops.

Since a galley kitchen is best used for smaller rooms, change the style and location of your appliances. For the refrigerator, place one with under-counter refrigerator and freezer units instead of using the common type of refrigerator used in homes. Avoid placing the garbage can to one corner but, instead, use a trash compactor under the counter, garbage bin inside the cabinet of the sink or a garbage disposal in the sink. Other appliances may be placed on counters or inside the cabinets.

This type of design is economical in space. A galley kitchen is always a practical solution for space challenged homes.

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