How can I build a rustic-looking arbor?

A reader asked..
I would like to build a rustic-looking arbor. It doesn’t have to be anything SUPER nice, just a sturdy place to provide growing space for peas or morning-glories, and a little shade for the bench beneath it. Suggestions, anybody?

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    • jstswim_aly
    • March 31, 2010

    fist you should build it with wood then get sand paper and rub it all over then buy a older type looking wood finisher also don’t put any walls on the side it will keep to much sun out and then you have no sun for your flowers

    • Amy R
    • March 31, 2010

    You can use milk-paint and sand it if you want to use regular lumber and have it have a color.
    If you want to be more rustic, then build it from 1-1/2″ pieces of wood from the forest and lash it together with twine. You can nail it together first, if you want, and then wrap the twine all nice over the nails or screws, but it does lend it the “I just threw this together myself” look.

    • Realist
    • March 31, 2010

    Simple.. go to your local garden center and take a look at their rustic ware. Then just copy it, take notes, thats, what I did.

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