Illustrator tools a beginner should master – Hand tool

The focus of this is to get you working in a little bit faster by just explaining the top 10 on the toolbar youll probably using the most. This video is about the . visit for the rest of this series and other cool .
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    • redefyne
    • June 22, 2010

    rock on… thats how video tutorials should be!

    • kdum8
    • June 22, 2010

    Thanks for making these videos. Simple but great for total beginners to Illustrator like me!

    • GreyStrayCat
    • June 22, 2010

    Thanks! That was very informative!

    • DreamJunction
    • June 22, 2010

    Indeed. Thank you!

    • thaumata
    • June 22, 2010

    I watched all ten. They were simple but not dumbed down, and I appreciate the effort you took to make them. I passed the link to a bunch of friends, too. Thanks!

    • will021985
    • June 22, 2010

    Your video are very beginner-friendly!

    • micsibulopianist
    • June 22, 2010

    thanks boi

    • davidjgries
    • June 22, 2010

    Finally!! Questions have been answered!


    • Nobblesnibblenut
    • June 22, 2010

    cheers man, well worth sitting and watching for an hour… thanks 😀

    • xx3emmaxx3
    • June 22, 2010

    thank you so much, now and can at least start a little bit 🙂 Good job!

    • therealcharismatron
    • June 22, 2010

    Great vid! I’ve almost watched them all–these are awesome!

    • makir1004
    • June 22, 2010

    Great guide, can’t wait to get started, Thx!

    • FerRoXa
    • June 22, 2010

    Many thanks for all of them-

    • NesmaYounis
    • June 22, 2010

    Really ENJOYED the tuts, I have watched all of them. really really thanks. you are VERy Helpful, god bless you

    • June 22, 2010


    • notoco998
    • June 23, 2010


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