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are the “Tooth of Industry” widely used in the field of hardware and machine . As we all known, the revolution of abrasives is always preceded to the industry revolution in any country. With the continuous development of industry, China as the member of WTO and the speeding up process of , which lead to a broad market for the tools, abrasives, super abrasives and grinding technique industry, at the meantime, it requires higher request and more challenge in this industry.

You might begin to believe will soon disappear as you scroll through today’s tools catalogs. With the development of cordless tools, pneumatic tools and lasers, it almost causes one to believe that conventional belong somewhere closer to the Stone Age than today’s workshops. are being defined as those instruments that rely on the energy of the user for power. These tools include screwdrivers, planers, sanding blocks, hammers, saws and others. The assumption these tools are out of date is simply not accurate.

Actually, before electric power , all woodworking was done with hand tools. These old hand tools are now antiques or at least sought as collectibles. In additional to their aesthetic value as nostalgia from an earlier time, many of these tools are still excellent to use for their original purpose, which is working . Old hand tools are functional and intriguing collectibles.

An old is an interesting item for collectors. The , which is still made today, is a handy tool for shaving off layers of wood. These tools have been made from a variety of materials and are nearly indestructible. Early hand planers were made from a wooden block with the adjustable cutting blade set into the block. Later designs were made from metal. These old tools represent an era of hand craftsmanship that spoke of quality and durability.

Another interesting and highly collectible antique hand tool is the hand saw. Old saws come in a wide variety of designs and teeth arrangements. They were used for ripping and for finish work. Perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics of these old saws was the handle. The handles were often decorative and uniquely shaped. Long before the word ergonomic was coined, craftsman understood that they would be using their tools for long periods each day and that they must be comfortable to hold and to use.

Most old Hand tools are collected for the uniqueness and nostalgic qualities given to them. Most do not have great monetary value, like other antiques. Still, they are fun to collect. They can be found in antique stores, flea markets, estate auctions and backyard sales. They are also available on the Internet. One advantage to buying old tools on the Internet is that you can find greater variety, including many old hand tools from various countries around the world.

For some jobs, it is just easier to use hand tools. Also, for some people, there is a special satisfaction that comes from doing a task with a hand tool. Perhaps it is a connection with a father or grandfather who would have done the job that way. Or, perhaps it is a reverence for the wood and the project that is shattered by the roar and clatter of power tools.

Antique tools are valued by collectors and others because of their uniqueness and the connection they give us with nearly forgotten eras. Antique woodworking tools such as hand planers, saws, levels, gouges and many other such tools cause us to marvel at the skill of ancestral craftsmen. These tools are interesting in the tasks they accomplished and the technologies employed.

There is a special satisfaction that comes from working with wood. For many, the reward is in the doing much more than in the finished project. For these people, tools provide a connection with the project and require skills and techniques that contribute to making the project worthwhile. Often, these people find this is best accomplished by working with hand tools.

An exhibition tools was successfully held in Shanghai Exhibition Center in May 2007, and the exhibition area reached to 3500 square meters with the amount of 10648 audiences. Among of them, the local audience has 63.8%, the foreign audience has 32.6% and the Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan has 3.6%. According to the investigation, 82.5% of the audiences supposed the exhibition were a good channel for them to know the new technique, new arts and crafts, new products and industry information. 76.8% of the people considered that their purchasing decision would be affected by the exhibition and 91% of them show their enthusiastic to contact new target client via the exhibition. Through the successful exhibition, we knew that the “ASGE2008” is the ideal choice for the manufacturers who would like to explore the Chinese market, Asian market and International market, in addition, it’s also the best exchange platform for the manufacturers trading and cooperating with each other.

The current exhibition will draw on the machine manufacturer, hardware, and metalwork, automobile, stone, architecture, glass, wood, fireproof material etc. purchase companies, traders, technique experts and several organizations and oversea purchase groups visiting and negotiation in the exhibition. In the exhibition, both the Chinese and foreign exhibitors will attend and negotiate the development of abrasives industry. Welcome the professional people related to this industry joining us to visit and negotiate trade.

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