when did conservative start to mean weenie?

A reader asked..


please save us from the evil immigrants! build a giant wall over by so they can’t come over here and never be seen doing anything besides , bussing tables and loitering at improvement outlets. those lawbreakers have to go!

please send the army to a nation that was so utterly unable to attack us that they failed to even defend themselves with a recognizable army dooming our soldiers to terrifying house to house searches to root out an invisible enemy! we’re scared of their korans and their ability to get on planes!

please make everyone speak english so i don’t have to learn any other languages ever!

please don’t ever point out how few facts i have to back up my reactionary ideas!

how have i misunderstood? you guys don’t really believe all those ridiculous caricatures, but in my eyes you’re not far off either. help me figure those out so they’re more like what y’all really think.
oh andria c… i am a person who thinks that political correctness has gone too far when you can’t even leave a disclaimer at the bottom for people to read. only narrow minded people declare other people narrow minded 😛

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    • tricky trucker
    • July 4, 2010

    as soon as they executed the iraq war

    • dd
    • July 4, 2010

    What is orange?where are the trees?…you and I..we must be deaf to not speak of it..we sail on astral planes..do your legs feel the pain?

    • andria c
    • July 4, 2010

    i defiantly do not believe those statements, and i do not go with one specific party or another, but i can say that i am a person who is liberal and accepts everyone no matter what race, ethnicity, gender.. . and la di DA. . etc. . only narrow minded people think in terms of a ‘weenie’ .

    • Truth Erector
    • July 4, 2010

    Hey that’s not nice. Don’t point out stuff like that. Tough guys like Rush and Sean tell us how tough and cool we are every weekday. It makes us feel tough to like every war no matter what. Everyone else is a wimp. Only tough guys like us go and fight for our country. Every soldier is a conservative.
    Wait we don’t actually want to close off our borders. There could be some votes there.

    • guitargadfly
    • July 4, 2010

    Don’t you mean “when did conservative start to WEEN MEANIES?”

    • rockandroll58-79
    • July 4, 2010

    Your question is a statement , not a question, and
    therefore does not compute!!!

    • pj
    • July 4, 2010

    You know their are two types of people i dont care for criminals and cops. Because they are both stupid. You want to make america a police state with no common sense. Its not upholding the law thats important ,,,,,first we have to keep the laws,,,,,,,,the true laws the ten commandments which are being squeezed out of america.

    • farkas419
    • July 4, 2010

    Reasonable question, but the way it’s presented is quite rude.
    I’m a moderate, but I have conservative leanings, so I feel that I’m qualified to answer this question.
    Conservatives are not afraid of immigrants. They’re not even afraid of illegal immigrants. They are ANGRY about illegal immigration. We SHOULD have security in place to prevent them from coming over. They can attempt to cross the border the way immigrants should: LEGALLY.
    Iraq is not all that it seems. I’m not “for” the war, but I’m not “against” it, either. You’re right, they didn’t try to defend themselves. HOWEVER, that’s because they were thinking we’d come in, poke around a little, and leave them to get back to what they were doing before we went in.
    There have been weapons found: both chemical and biological. The state of the weapons is irrelevant, because Hussein was NOT allowed to have them (as per the cease-fire agreement signed at the conclusion of the Gulf War, remember?). The fact that he would lie about those, which is such a small thing, makes one wonder what ELSE he was lying about.
    The conservatives are not afraid of Muslims. I don’t know a single one who is actually afraid of a religion. What conservatives DO fear, which is justified, is TERRORISTS. Considering the fact that our great nation has been under attack from terrorists since 1979, we should ALL fear and loathe them.
    As far as speaking English is concerned, it has nothing to do with fear of learning another language or culture. However, when English-speaking people go to other countries, they’re expected to at least know a few words.
    Living in Germany for the last nearly two years, I have tried to learn German. It’s hard, but I know a few words, at least enough so I can get by when I go shopping or go out to eat.
    The same goes for when citizens of other countries visit the US.
    It’s an issue of RESPECT. Come to our country, that’s fine. But learn the language, for heaven’s sake!
    Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are in ENGLISH. Our country was founded by people who spoke ENGLISH. Everyone who moves to the US should be required to learn English. Yes, they should be able to speak their own language amongst themselves. I see no problem with that.
    When I was working at McDonald’s (few years back), I had no problem with Spanish-speaking customers. I could talk to them; I had learned Spanish in high school. But when I had Asian customers who couldn’t speak a word of English, who were trying to order food by pointing at the menu behind my head, it was pretty annoying.
    “Do as when in Rome.”
    Yes, I think you have misunderstood conservatives. Most definitely. I don’t agree with ALL conservatives, but I understand them. I also understand some things that liberals believe, perhaps better than some liberals themselves do.

    Edit: By the way, I have two different copies of the Koran in my home, and I’ve read sections of it to my ultra-conservative mother because it’s beautiful. She’s started to agree with me.

    • 43
    • July 4, 2010

    It means small weenie as in fat white and bald. AKA redpublican

    the triple header of the GOP

    • Dizz
    • July 4, 2010

    I’m by no means a conservative but regarding immigration the conservatives are seriously conflicted. The social conservatives want a hard line immigration policy with no amnesty for those currently here illegally. The business conservatives are loving the cheap labor provided by illegals and/ or seasonal workers.

    This is a great wedge issue for dems to exploit the inherent conflicts IMO…

    • Will
    • July 4, 2010

    You spew a bunch of silly, simplistic exaggerations in the guise of a question and expect people to calmly enlighten you? Your “don’t really believe all those ridiculous caricatures” dodge doesn’t really cut it when you follow it up with “in my eyes you’re not far off”.

    farkas419: that’s a great answer, but it’s pointless. It’s far too logical to be accepted – in spite of the “help me figure those out” plea. The question is nothing but an emotional diatribe.

    • Nunya B
    • July 4, 2010

    When you refused to see their points on anything.

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