Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding and Scraping/Cutting Tool with Case Review

  • Includes: 1 Quick change tool with variable in a plastic carrying
  • 1 Universal E-Cut blade, 1 HSS Segmented blade
  • 1 Rigid Scraper Blade, 1 , 1 Carbide Rasp
  • 1 Dust Extraction
  • 1 pad and 15 sheets of sand paper, 1 Profile Kit

Product Description
Get 40 more power and greater comfort with the “new” MultiMaster. Why scrape paint with a putty knife when you can use a powered scraper blade? Instead of sanding tight spaces with paper wrapped around your finger use one of the MultiMasters profiled sanding pads. With 40 more power and soft grip handle, the new MultiMaster uses a broad assortment of accessory blades to handle hundreds of previously manual tasks. The MultiMaster doesnt rotate or orbit like other power tools. The secret? It oscillates! Oscillation permits you to do extremely fine and delicate work or be more aggressive, depending on the accessory and material. Its a multipurpose tool that performs each of its tasks as if it were dedicated to that function alone. Variable speed (11,000-20,000 oscillations per minute) 250 watt. It provides great results with a starter kit for your basic renovation needs. Complete with the soft grip, star arbor that locks accessories in place and 40 more power… More >>

Click here: Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding and Scraping/Cutting Tool with Case Review

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  1. Tool and attachments, 6 Stars.. Case, 2 Stars.. Price, -3 Stars = 5 Stars

    This Fein MultiMaster Top kit is one of those tools that cost too much but you can’t do the job as fast without it. The last few years, attending woodworking shows, I would watch the demos on the MultiMaster tool. I was ALWAYS impressed as to what the tool was capable of. The price made me walk away. It was not on my list of “GEE, I’ve got to have that”! However I did see its potential.

    Recently, I saw the ad for the new version with the quick blade release and the package supplied attachments, but was still held back by the price. Then it happened. I got a job that required this type of tool.

    I had to do a job of installing decorative returns on an old house with period moldings. The old returns had rotted along with some of the crown rake boards. Making the new returns was not a problem; trimming back the 4-inch crown molding was going to be tedious to say the least. I purchased the Fein MultiMaster Top kit and felt the pain all the way back to the job….. Until I opened the box, fitted a (expensive) wood / metal cutting blade and trimmed back old rusty hard to reach nails and 4 inch crown molding to solid wood. The roofs 12/12 pitch made it almost impossible to perform the task at hand with any speed with regular tools. The MultiMaster accomplished the task in minutes. After trimming back 6 returns in under an hour, I was convinced the tool was worth the expense. It was kind of anti climatic however, doing all that work in such short time! $389.00 per hour and done so easily and quickly is what came to mind!

    Since the initial purchase, I have found the MultiMaster tool to live up to all I’ve seen at demo shows. Once you own it, you will find yourself reaching for it more often than you planned. Time verses cost will eventually be offset as this tool pays for itself very quickly.

    I find myself treating the attachments as if they were gold, considering their replacement costs. I guess Fein can get away with the high prices because there is no other tool like it that works so well. The blades by the way are very sturdy and long lasting.

    Under-cutting doorjambs loaded with trim nails are a breeze. I was able to set tile under 6 doors and the blade teeth still look new. I am looking forward to trying out all the other attachments that came with the “TOP” kit.

    The case has some issues. It is nice and square and stores well. It holds all of the supplied accessories and then some. BUT, after seeing the older metal case, the new plastic case is bigger and holds less. The old metal case has foam dividers that make finding each attachment quite easy. Sanding attachments and the paper can be seen on edge. The new case has 2 removable plastic storage cases within the main case. These cases have snap down covers making it difficult to see and grab what you’re looking for. Within the small cases, there are no dividers; everything just sits in there bouncing around and store in no particular order. The outside of the main case is consumed by the nice handle, which is recessed in the top of the case when standing on edge, it chews up a lot of storage space that could have been used to have divided storage inside like the old metal case.

    I have zero complaints about the quality of the tool and the attachments. They all do what they are supposed to do. My complaints lye with cost of product and attachments, and the poor thoughtfulness of the case storage areas. This tool will not be easy for most people to purchase because of the cash outlay. In my case, it was one of those tools that came to mind while in a predicament. I purchased it, and think of it as a Cool Tool!

    Rating: 5 / 5

    • Brew
    • August 20, 2010

    This tool reminds me a little of the Rotozip. It works extremely well for the job it was designed for, Multimaster=Flush-cutting, Rotozip=cutting drywall, but isn’t as good for the other purposes they are advertised for.

    I have used this for a few weeks now and have used the flush-cutting and sanding attachments quite a bit already. It has come in extremely handy for those jobs that it is about the only tool that would work, and average at the other jobs like sanding and scraping.

    I would give the tool 4 or 5 stars but the blades are way overpriced and don’t last real long. You can buy generic blades that are much cheaper and in some cases better quality, but Fein is trying to stop people from making these blades.

    By the end of the year Bosch will have their own version here in the states for much cheaper so wait if you can.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I requested this tool as a birthday present from the wife to patch my hardwood floor. After removing a closet as part of my kitchen remodel I had some square cuts on my oak flooring that I needed to stagger (ie: cut in between existing boards) in order to make the repair seamless.

    Online instructions had said to use a chisel so I got my trusty Craftsman, sharpened it on the bench grinder, and started whacking away. To my dismay, the super-hard red oak barely budged….time for a Fein Multi Master!

    Through trial and error I realized that the best bet is to score a line for the tool to start in (using a razor blade and the above mentioned chisel) otherwise it will wildly vibrate about ruining perfectly good floor boards. I used that technique as well as lowered to tool to the slowest speed to get a good cut line, then would give it full power. I have made about 15 cuts so far and the e-blade is still holding up nice despite the copious amounts of black smoke created when cross cutting the oak.

    The tool it’s self seems to be well made although the variable speed control is awkwardly located at the back and difficult to adjust (especially when it is running) – and there are no power indicators on it so the first couple times are trial and error. There is no lack of power with the Fein but seems that it could have more control. Perhaps I have shaky hands but I challenge anyone to put this tool on full blast and make a strait knife like plunge cut. It seems that the vibrating is not only side to side but back and forth to a degree. Another thing to be on the lookout for is the actual extension of the vibrating blade. With it moving so fast it is easy to get past where you want to cut as the blade edge is blurry and hard to view when running.

    The case is a complete disappointment as the interior is not blow molded but rather has a flimsy plastic cut out that the tool rests in that is about the thickness of three sheets of paper. Mine was broken from the get-go so I will be contacting Amazon for a replacement liner. Moreover, the case does not open 180 degrees but rather only 90 degrees. I am still not sure why it was designed this way as every other tool case I have opens fully. Unless your surface is flat, you run the risk of getting a finger slammed closed in it. All this in a case that costs over $100! Had I to do it over again I think I would forego the case and get a bag to throw it in.

    Amongst other qualifiers I rate products on value. How does the Fein measure up? Well, it is HORRIFICALLY expensive for what it is and the replacement blades will run you to the poor house. However, it has the distinction of doing what no other tool can. Funny, this thing reminds me of my BMW M3….:)

    Should you get it? If you can avoid it I would say no, but as I stated it has capabilities that no other tool I know of has. If someone made a cheap knock-off of it I would get that in a second being a DIYer. For a pro it is worth the money.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. These guys have a decent tool, but go to buy a replacement blade after you’ve chewed up the piece of junk you got with the unit and you’re going to be shocked. You’re going to pay $28.00 or so for a piece of pressed tin that won’t last you a week. They should caution “dont spindle fold or mutilate” on their packaging. Their blades are junk that you’ll either pay their outrageous price for, or you’ll have to abandon the tool. My advice would be to buy a tool that has blades available from different suppliers. These Fein folks don’t understand the concept of customer loyalty. I guess they think that once you’ve bought their product, they’ve got a sucker on the hook who will pay whatever price they choose to ask for replacement parts. Do yourself a favor and look at the prices that Fein charges for each of their accessories BEFORE buying the Multimaster.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I LOVE this tool. I just upgraded from the previous model (MSXE 636-2 variable speed). I won’t go into why this tool is so great because everyone else has already done that. Instead I’m going to compare this tool to its predecessor.


    This is now a perfect tool. Fein has elegantly fixed the minor gripes I had with the previous generation of the tool. My gripes were 1. Blades slipping and 2. Slow blade-changes using the awkward hex-key that always felt like it was about to cam-out and ruin the lock nut. Both issues have been neatly resolved by the new design. The new star shank on the blades completely eliminates any possibility of slippage, and changing blade, or repositioning it to get into a tight spot no longer requires a trip back to the tool box to get the hex wrench. I LOVE this feature. FEIN ALSO ADDED threaded holes on the body of the tool which function as hard-mount points. This allows you to attach small accessories such as a fence, a depth gauge, a rail guide etc. You can also use the hard-mount points to bench-mount the tool (so you can bring small or delectate work to the tool). This opens up a lot of flexibility on an already very flexible tool. I also like the more ergonomic shape and rubber grip on the new design.


    None to speak of. The new machine is a tiny bit louder than the old one, perhaps due to the more powerful motor, although it’s louder even on the lowest speed setting. To be honest I’m just trying to find SOMETHING to say on the con side. It’s really a perfect tool.


    At first I thought I had a slight preference for the larger speed control dial on the old tool, but again he NEW design is ultimately better because the smaller dial (on the tapered rear-end) allows for a more compact dust collection system and a slimmer profile overall. I do actually prefer some of the aspects of my old unit’s metal case & divider system. The new case can actually hold more stuff but it doesn’t organize the contents as well as the old case did. You can still buy the OLD case, but I’m sure I can easily make the new case as functional as the old case by adding some little dividers etc. The new blow molded tray is more durable, and there’s more space allocated for the cord (which is welcome). If FEIN had put a divider system in the new case, it would have been a perfect redesign in my opinion. Perhaps Fein is trying to keep these GERMAN MADE tools made in Germany by cutting costs (instead of going to CHINA like many others have done). If the cheaper, simpler, divider-less case is part of that profitability strategy, I forgive them. I’m handy and so are you (that’s why you’re reading this review), so I’m going to quit complaining, and get busy customizing the case with dividers to suit my personal needs.


    As you may know, the blades for this device are somewhat expensive but Fein is now group-packing blades for meaningfully lower cost than before. Basically 3 packs for the price of 2, and 10 packs for the price of 6. This helps. So now I can keep ONE blade of SEVERAL types and yet affordably buy SEVERAL blades of the ONE type I ‘consume’ regularly. I’ve recently also seen aftermarket blades on eBay which are cheaper than the FEIN blades, but I’ve never actually tried them. For all of the trash-talk, I’m always impressed with the longevity of the wood/metal E cut blades.


    This is definitely one of my favorite tools, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Everyone who watches me use mine buys one for themselves. I could write several pages describing all of the things I use it for.

    If you own an older model, an upgrade is worthwhile if you use the tool with ANY regularity. The upgrade cost me a mere $100 because I sold my old one (with blades & accessories) on eBay.

    If you upgrade not only will you be doing yourself a favor, but you will be making your previous model available to someone else who can’t quite afford a new one, or who hasn’t yet made the plunge.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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