Buy Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2650-20 M18 18-Volt Impact Driver

  • 1/4-inch hex quick change allows for easy bit changes
  • -designed mechanism provides faster speed and variable-speed trigger gives increased control
  • Milwaukee 4-pole frameless motor maximizes efficiency to increase run-time
  • Belt clip allows for easy portability and built-in LED light illuminates work surface
  • On-board battery fuel gauge displays remaining run-time

Product Description
Impact Wrenches, Ratchets & Type: 18V High Performance 1/4″ Hex Impact Kit Type of Power: Cordless… More >>

Click here: Buy Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2650-20 M18 18-Volt Impact Driver

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  1. Go back a coupla pages, one of the other tool resellers has this about $20 cheaper even with the shipping costs…
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. The only people that will tell you an impact driver is basically a drill are the ones that have never used one! I will never use a drill to screw again. I’m not a carpenter but my friend has a building company and he swears by impacts for screwing as well.

    As for this specific tool, I switched from a Makita which did the job, but when the M18 line came out I had to have it. This impact feels much more durable in your hand than the Makita. I have both the compact batteries and the XC models and would recommend anyone to make sure they have both in their arsenal. The compact complements the size of this impact but for long drawn-out jobs it’s nice to have the more powerful battery
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I recently upgraded to the new Milwaukee M18 line, and really like the drill/driver. When I saw this impact come out, I was curious if it was THAT different than my drill? The answer is YES! Drives screws with much less force and is able to drive bigger screws without risk of stripping the head. Its a specality tool for those who need it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. I have many of the M18 cordless tools. I can’t sing the praises of these tools enough – especially this impact driver.

    -It is truly compact – goes places the drill/driver can’t.

    -It is quite light – including with the full size battery attached.

    -It has tons of torque, and has never failed me. It has so much muscle, my full size Milwaukee 120v. impact drill is rarely used anymore. The M18 drill/driver/impact plays second fiddle to this little impact driver.

    -In the last ten months it has smoked through thousands of 2-1/2″ torx screws, 500 5″ torx lags, 250 7″ torx lags, 5,000 1-1/2″ washer-head screws, and lots more.

    -It has been dropped, kicked around, and generally mistreated by willing, but occasionally clumsy, helpers. It keeps chattering away to this day.

    -When it comes to fasteners, it is the clearly preferred by everyone that has put some time on it, and is now the first tool that disappears for tasks.

    -The batteries (have three of them ‘tween all the tools used) have been excellent and without fault. Fantastic number of screws driven per charge. See my other review on the M18 XC batteries.

    -The trigger gives me all the control I would expect of a non-clutched driver.

    -You get used to the forward/reverse switch location. Like it much better than the old 120v hole hawg location.

    An absolute animal, and to think it was a “free” add-on in the Milwaukee kit I purchased. I would never have thought it would turn into THE most used and loved tool of all.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I already had a drill/driver using the same batteries, so this addition fit. The impact driver works great on deck screws, etc. Screwheads and bits hold up much better.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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