Portable Air Compressors Buying Guide

by Greg Hansward

It is possible to buy a wide variety of different portable compressors which are available in different sizes and levels of power. There are a number of different types which are available, it all depends upon the types of tools which you will be using. You should take time to check that the compressor you buy is powerful enough to power all of the tools that you want to use.

There are a number of different types of compressor, nomatter which type you decide to purchase it is very important that you spend time dealing with safety precautions. You must always wear protective equipment on your eyes. Protective clothing must also be worn in order to protect your body. Boots with safety caps are vital to protect your feet.

Different Types of

The most common form of portable is a . These are capable of between 65 and 1600 cubic feet a minute. The pressures od these machines varies from 100 to 350 Pounds per squared inch. The type of compressor your decide to purchase will depend on the types of tools you will need. Most contractors use 185 cubic feet a minute, these types of compressors are capable of powering two or more tools simultaneously. These are suitable for both light and heavy duty activities.

Compressors can even be mounted into your truck, these can be located under the hood or in the bed. The models which are fitted under the hood save quite a lot of space. All of these use your truck?s engine to provide power to the compressor which means they are very low maintenance. This does mean that the truck needs to be running which isn?t always a good thing.

The deck mounted compressors are those which are mounted in the bed of your truck. It is possible to take these out of your truck anduse them as standalone compressors as they have their own engine. These do require quite a lot of extra maintenance and you will also need fuel to put in them.

You can get compressors which are powered either electronically or by using gasoline. A holding tank stores the air which is then compressed. Tools are connecte to this machine and the high pressure air makes them turn.

Popular Brands of Compressors

There are several very popular brands of air compressor one of the most popular is Quincy. These produce rotary screw air compressors which are from 10 to 350 horse power. These machines are so popular because they are very reliable, quiet and durable. You can find a number of different types of these available with small tanks, large tanks or units which are not portable.

Another popular make of air compressors are husky air compressors, these are generally only used for home use. They have a 1.75 gallon tank and typically 135 PSI power which is very good for running many types of tools. These machines are portable and easy to transport as they have a telescopic handle. Most of these have oil free pumps which make them very low maintenance.

Another popular husky model has a four gallon tank and 125PSI power, this is suitable for running smaller tools. It is also well suited to inflating tyres and inflatable toys. It?s great for a small business or a home.

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