Flueless Gas Fires

Modern houses do not usually have a flue or chimney and many people think that this means that they can only have electric . The downside of using an is that they can be slow to heat up and don’t give the same heat as . The good news is that even houses without a flue can benefit from today’s modern gas .

are the sort you need to be on the lookout for if you do not have any type of flue or chimney. Flueless work by using a single or double catalytic converter to convert the poisonous gases produced by the fire, like carbon monoxide, to harmless water vapour and carbon dioxide.

are available in all sorts of models and styles to suit every type of living room – designer gas fires and like wall hanging or plasma fires, luxury gas fires like traditional stoves and inset gas fires – whatever you want really. As you can see, lacking a chimney or flue does not limit your choices in today’s world of technology.

The Benefits of

Flueless fires have a wide range of benefits and advantages:-

They can be used in homes without a flue or chimney.

They are 100% efficient because no heat is lost through a chimney or flue and they burn less fuel.

They are cheap to run – use about 2.6 kw of gas every hour instead of the 7-13 kw that other types of gas fires use.

They are available in a wide range of styles – contemporary gas fires to stoves,

They are easy to install because they do not need connecting to a flue. No building work is needed, they just need connecting to your gas supply.

If floor space is limited, you can buy a flueless hanging . These make a great focal point.

They do not have to be mounted on an outside wall and so are ideal for flats or terraced houses.

They are quiet when in operation.

They have a real flame.

They give more heat than and open fires.

They burn Natural Gas or LPG.

Make a statement with hang on the wall plasma style flueless gas fires or add warmth to a cottage style property with flueless stove style gas fires. The choice really is yours and there will be flueless gas fires to suit every budget and every requirement.

Make sure you get your flueless gas fire fitted by a Corgi registered engineer and also make sure that your room is ventilated by a vent.

Remember, are far more energy efficient than they were in days of yore, so when you come to replace your old gas fire you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings that this increased energy efficiency will bring. So, although some of the better designer flueless gas fires may appear to be expensive, in fact they may well be a real cost saver in the ling run.

Mr Bradfield is a copywriter for the Dru Gas Fires website. Dru supply premium gas fires to the UK domestic consumer. If you want a choice of high efficiency electric fires for your house, then you can find what you are searching for at Dru Gas Fires.

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