Transform Your Bath Into a Luxurious Spa Retreat

Let’s talk bathrooms. Oh, I know, it’s a taboo subject, but I’m talking about bathroom renovation! As more and more homeowners are choosing to upgrade their existing homes rather than sell in this market, customizing bathrooms has become a popular option. And if you’re going to do a complete bathroom remodel, why not your into your own personal sanctuary? It’s not as difficult, or expensive, as you might think and the options for customization are nearly endless. Give up the clunky, outdated cabinetry, the boring, built in standard tub and hum drum look and opt for something unique.

So let’s talk bathrooms, let’s talk about the most personalized, , beautiful bathrooms possible. Even a basic bathroom reno, where you leave the existing footprint and floorplan, can benefit from the addition of custom quality items like vanities, faucets, lighting, and even Aquatic Whirlpools. Let’s start with the vanity. Forget those boxy, built in things that remind you of your first apartment. You’re a grown up now, shouldn’t your bathroom reflect it? Even tiny bathrooms and powder rooms have space for a cabinet style sink vanity, and if it’s your master bath that’s being transformed, you’ve probably got space for something more generous. From sleep and modern lacquer finishes to old world design, the only limit is your imagination and budget. Take plenty of measurements and then go shopping. If you haven’t looked at bathroom fixtures in a while, you’re going to be surprised. Want something that looks like a hand-carved antique? Not a problem. Modern sink vanities look like beautiful pieces of furniture, and that’s the way you should shop for your new vanity. Consider it furniture. Think about style, quality, finish, everything you would think of if you were buying a new dining room table.

Once you’ve selected your vanity cabinet, it’s on to the sink basin itself and the faucets and fixtures. It’s not just a question of drop in or under mount anymore. Now there are above counter options in china, glass and metal in just about every shape and color imaginable. All of which allows you to create exactly the look you want from sleek and modern to looking like an antique bowl perched upon a charmingly old cabinet – that it also has modern plumbing is the best part! Since we’re talking personalized and luxurious, this is the place to forget the bargain-basement big-box store sink and opt for a quality product like Porcher, Cantrio, Decolav, Le Bijou or one of the other quality manufacturers. Keep up the quality and opt for faucets that complements your new fabulous cabinet and basin. Faucets are available in any variety of finishes and styles to coordinate with your d

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