No Planning/Estimate Software Is Perfect

by John Bakers

Some homeowners have no problem with a vision and a plan when it comes to remodelling and renovation. It just seems that some individuals can put together a plan, after coming up with a general renovation idea, then see that plan through without much assistance. But this is not the case for the majority of homeowners. That is where can help.

While no computer program is for every situation, most homeowners will be able to find some planning programs and cost-estimate that will be of great assistance in making the remodelling/renovation project go more smoothly. This can be true for those who are do-it-yourself types and for those who want to get some idea of the cost before turning the project over to a professional.

Some property owners who want to do a very basic remodelling task or simply upgrade something in the home may choose the simplest of planning and programs. These can work quite well in many situations. However, there are professional versions of most home remodelling software, both for planning and for cost estimation. These might be a bit more expensive at first, but will give the a few more choices (and perhaps a more detailed estimate of cost).

Of course, if the homeowner does not plan to do any of the work and is not concerned about great detail in cost, planning and may not be necessary. Most of the professionals who work on remodelling tasks have computer software to plan and estimate. Those who don’t usually have enough experience to take care of the original plans, estimate of labor and materials costs and so on.

A few basic ideas about what to look for in home remodelling software will help make the early stages of the project go smoothly. Remember that this planning/estimation software is usually designed for use well before any lumber is cut or any nails are hammered in. This will be important when the homeowner or other person helping with the project starts to purchase materials. Most planning and allows for printing out a materials list and even provides for a report of total project. It is important as well to make sure that a preliminary plan and cost estimate is available before the homeowner goes back to the software for drawings, floor plans and budget details. In general, the planning and estimate process should be done slowly and in several steps.

There are some fairly good available. Several of these can be downloaded from Web sites. Some care should be taken to get the type of software that fits best with the original idea/vision for the remodelling project. Even with the most careful planning and the best software, there will be challenges and changes (some can be anticipated, others cannot). In most cases, just using some software will help. Using the correct software for the task, be it remodeling the bathroom or simply building a workbench can be the difference between a smoothly flowing project and one that is beset by problems.

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