Southwest Area Rugs Add Personality

by Caroline Hartford

are a great choice for your floor, regardless of whether they will be placed on top of a carpet or hardwood. come in a variety of styles and types. It is a good idea to research the that you like in order to come to a decision.

You can find many different kinds of area rugs with a quick search. Animal print area rugs, all natural area rugs, Southwestern or Persian area rugs, and even area rugs made out of bamboo all place highly on search engines. area rugs are especially popular and are sold at many sites.

While most people have an idea of a certain style, when they hear the phrase ‘Southwestern area rugs’, many would be surprised to know that Southwestern rugs actually come in a range of colors and patterns. Some hold to the older, more traditional Native American designs, while others use more contemporary design to pull together an eclectic decorating style in a room.

Many Southwest area rugs retailers also have an interesting collection of natural area rugs and animal print area rugs. If you are creative, it is possible to mix and match several styles of rugs while decorating a house. It never hurts to ask for the opinion of a decorator working at the store when you are shopping.

Some Southwest area rugs stress function over style with designs that are less busy or colorful and more quiet and blending. These rugs, while still decorative, are often used for the purpose of keeping distance between cold hardwood floors and bare feet. Area rugs can also be used to keep furniture in place and protect bare floors from scratching that can occur. Area rugs can also be used to absorb sound in an echo-y room of a house or apartment building.

At the end of the day, your preferences should dictate which area rugs you decide to purchase. After all, you are the one who will live with them, day in and day out. Use the recommendations of the decorator to inform your decisions, but make sure to choose colors and styles that please you.

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