Spider Fighter – new hand tool for killing and getting rid of spiders, safer distance, special angle

The “ ” is the new tool for killing and getting of spiders, insects and other bugs at a . With it’s uniquely designed & 18 inch reach you can get the spider without getting too close or standing directly under a spider found on the ceiling. Spiders live and nest mostly in ceiling wall corners. The “Spider Fighter” specializes in reaching and dealing with these locations as well as many other odd places you’ll discover. The “Spider Fighter” is of superior quality. “Made in USA” from Polycarbonate that is used to make windows, safety glasses, etc. It’s nearly unbreakable so it should last a lifetime, unlike regular plastic! If it ever breaks, there is a replacement guarantee! The “Spider Fighter” is too thin to be so don’t try to shoot it. The “Spider Fighter®” is to a spider the same as the fly swatter is to the fly. It’s the new hand-tool implement for killing those spiders that most people fear! Specializing in ceiling corners and many other odd places you’ll discover. The hard to kill spiders that conventional means like that of the fly swatter, shoe, broom, waded-up paper, toilet bowl brush, etc., are inadequate for the task. Saving an infant, child or loved one from being bitten by a poisonous spider is what the “Spider Fighter” is all about. As the other conventional means can let that spider escape only to spin a web and lay 100’s of spider eggs or inflict damage at a later date. There is no need to
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    • VancouverWaRealty
    • September 16, 2012

    What a great idea! The video was very informative. I was very surprised at all the different places the spiderfighter can get to the spider. I also went on your website and saw the video on how to use double sided tape to keep remains off the wall or ceiling. WOW! I ordered 3!

    • lolley1100
    • September 16, 2012

    The shoe brand is Nike…Just thought I would let you people know considering the fact he covered up the emblem with tape!!!

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