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countertops are some of the most beautiful and durable choices a homeowner can make, whether it’s for the kitchen or bathroom or anywhere else. They are strong, heat resistant, and easy to clean.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that stone countertops are available in a number of different finishes. This will depend largely on the type of stone used, but each has a number of choices that you could go with. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Sandblasted Finish

This type of finish is accomplished by treating the stone with a pressurized sand and water mixture. The result is a finish that is natural and textured. There is a bit of maintenance required for this type of finish as it will need to be sealed for protection.

One of the most popular stone finishes is the polished finish. In this case, a machine is used to polish the material down to a shiny, almost glass-like appearance. This type of finish really brings out the color and inner textures of the stone. It is also more durable and easier to clean than most other types of stone finishes. For this reason, it is recommended for areas that receive more traffic than others.

Flamed Finish

This finish results in a very rough and porous surface. The stone is exposed to very high heat, causing the crystals inside to pop. This type of finish requires a bit more maintenance than most others. It needs to be sealed and treated regularly. This is why it should be used in areas of low traffic.

There are also many other types of stone countertop finishes that have not reached the level of popularity that the others have. Among these are brushed and acid finishes. With the first one, the stone is treated with a series of wire brushes. With the acid finish, the stone is treated with acid, which creates an aged and porous appearance.

Whatever style of finish you choose, stone countertops provide a durable and attractive look for any room. They provide resistance to heat and most kinds of stains. They are, however, a little harder to maintain than most other types of countertops.

Stone countertops can be purchased through many home improvement stores. Many people will also use stone out of old homes to make their countertops. This provides an aged look that many people are creating for their homes today.

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