Using Leatherman Tools for Home Improvement

by Peter Wilson

All jobs require in order to complete the job satisfactorily. are the most important parts of the job and will determine whether or not your job is a success. are also the things which cause the most confusion to people wanting to do any DIY.

As with everything you do, the most important think should be the safety. When you are doing home improvement projects you should wear goggles, ear defenders and masks to protect yourself.

If you are remodelling and repairing walls and floors then you will only need a few basic tools. If you are working on walls located in the basement then you will need brushes with stiff bristles, wire brush, and paintbrushes. You will also need to purchase materials including masonry sealers, large containers, sponges and household cleaners.

If you are doing a project on the outside of your home such as repairing the grades around the foundation then you will need several tools such as a grading rake, hand tamp, wheel barrow, rake, hand temp and line leveller.

If you are working on interior projects such as your ceilings then you will need some tools such as drills, hammers, screwdrivers, scrapers, paintbrushes, glue gun, awl, pliers, utility knifes, rollers, tile pliers, stud finder, syringe and wallboard knives.

In order to repair damage to plaster you will need to use a paint brush and a wallboard knife. You will need many more materials than tools for these types of project.

To repair walls which are made out of panels then you will need chisels, hammers, wallboard knifes, caulk gun, framing square, putty knife, carpentry knife, nails, rubber mallet and pry bar.

Replacing ceramic tiles is slightly more difficult, for this you will need a tile cutter, a pair of nippers, utility knife, compass, hammer, awl, wood tile and a grout float.

If you have wallpapered walls and have noticed that it’s starting to show signs of wear then you will need utility knife, sponge, edge roller, and a syringe. Wallpaper is quite difficult, but you need to spend quite a long time doing it.

If you want to renovate your ceiling then you might only need a drill. Hammer and wallboard knife. If you want to patch the ceiling then you will need additional hand tools such as chisels, a utility knife and a framing square.

Repainting cabinets is fairly easy, you need a paint roller, screwdriver, paint, brushes, pad sander, and a putty knife.

Hopefully by now you have a general understanding of the tools which are needed to complete certain tasks around the home. Many of the tools required for the different projects are the same. This means that you can build up your tool collection quite quickly.

It’s possible to rent some of the hand tools required for home improvement, this means that you can return it once you have finished with it. If renting the tools then it’s a good idea to only hire them when you need them and then return them as soon as possible.

Many different brands of tools are available, it’s a good idea to check out letherman tools, and stanley tools.

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