Different options for a decorative bathroom wall tile

by Adam Peters

Having a that is attractive and adds a splash to the design of your bathroom. Start with designing the main bathroom that would be made using a marble, ceramic, limestone or porcelain. Small sized tiles were popular but, currently even the larger ones are mostly used and have a wide of range of patterns to be chosen. The standard 4×4 is no more a fashion. get tiles in different sizes and shapes, and one can always mix these different and match these tiles of the bathroom wall to the theme of your life. After wall, your next lookout should be other fixtures like the shower, bath tub or the vanity. can always restrict these to certain areas incase are looking for a good resale price.

Decorative bath room tile for the walls almost has endless choices to be made. You can design the wall tile keeping a particular theme in view like floral designs with , a ocean pattern showing on the borders of the tile the feature of a sea shells etc. We also get tiles made of porcelain that are painted by hand and in different . Any pattern you have in your mind for a tile with a particular pattern and style, you would find it, and such are the options for a bathroom wall tile.

Finishing of the tile also makes it more fashionable. Shiny finishing was a most commonly used wall tile. The current trend is looking for more of a rustic or matte finish. Polished limestone or toppled kind of marble not only gives a casual appearance but also a pliable looking quality. These don’t come in regular shapes and have a muted look and are very different from the polished ones.

Camels, creams and sage should be considered when you plan to have earth or soft tones. Ceramic designs go well with the natural ones. Granite is also a option. For a class look, you can choose a tumbled marble. For borders or accents, that is placed randomly or for even a complete wall, consider metal or glass tiles.

Right combination is always important when you use different materials. Textures, shades and colors are the key to this blend. You choice may contain varieties from natural, ceramic materials to marble or glass until and unless the color and work go hand in hand. Have the design planned very well in advance so that you have the right combination of the required materials. You shall always have a perfect tile design for your bathroom wall!!!

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