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by Adrian Fletcher

The general consensus on learning is that is the quickest way to the language. Immersion French is living in a French speaking country while you . The benefits of this process are that you can use the knowledge you are learning by talking to people around you. And in order to communicate you will have to use this knowledge so you will have ample motivation to the skills.

You might say it is a sink or swim philosophy to learning, but it seems that humans are blessed with skills so most end up swimming (even if they have to wear water wings for a while and swallow a bit of water along the way).

With this said, living in another country for the sake of learning a new language is often not practical or possible for most folks. So what are the best alternatives ? One alternative is learn to speak . This article will cover a learn to speak review so that you know what to look for if you decide to go down this route.

Learn to speak French is an attractive choice to learn French as it gives the student flexibility in when and how they learn. The student has control over when to learn and what they want to concentrate on. This is often not possible in traditional classes.

Obviously this is a boon for people with busy lives. But using the software once every blue moon will not teach you the language. Ultimately you have to make some commitment to the process. so how can learn to speak French software help you make this commitment ?

Well, learn to speak French software is probably the best thing you will get to immersion French without actually living in France and soaking up the culture.

A software course can use the power of the multimedia features of a computer to make the more vivid and memorable. It can use vision and sound to bring conversations to life. You can learn cultural aspects of countries where French is spoken. You can practice reading and writing and get direct feedback from the computer tutor.

Indeed, the ideal will act as your teacher. To this extent, it must motivate and guide the student. One motivational method the software often uses are games. Games can help you learn things, especially repetitive, potentially boring skills without the boredom.

A software program can also keep the student motivated by giving feedback and measuring progress. Most people need encouragement and support when they take on a task like learning a new language. Without encouragement they are just as likely to lose interest and find other uses of their time, like watching TV or going out. A software program can give feedback and tell the student how they have progressed and what they need to do next to get better.

So getting the ideal learn to speak French software should include determining if the course will teach the four prime skills to learning a language – speaking, listening, reading and writing (in that order). You should also judge how the course can keep you motivated to attain your goal and encourage you when things get boring or repetitive (because they will at some point). Part of this motivation should be straightforward guidance and a feeling that you are involved in the learning process rather than just being talked at.

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