Retro Bathroom Art – Classic, Colorful Designs

These days, bathrooms are no longer visited only when one feels the need to relieve him or herself. Bathrooms are now considered a sacred place to relax, a refuge to seek comfort in after a busy day at work in today’s fast-paced way of life. Furthermore, bathrooms are taking center stage during parties, when homeowners proudly show their guests the classy, not to mention expensive, work done on these precious rooms in their house. Indeed, nowadays, having a entails good taste when it comes to styling and designing it both for display and function.

One of the most coveted bathroom these days is retro bathroom art. More than futuristic appeal, in general want a design that reminds them of the past and all its lovely memories. After all, when stay long in the bathtub enjoying their bath, they usually reminisce about the good old days. In this aspect, can find several vintage that scream retro. Retro can be anything from the glamour of the ‘30s, the rockin’ lifestyle of the ‘50s, or the flower power of the ‘70s. Retro can go beyond decade descriptions – it embraces everything old that is both comforting and eternally stylish.

If you want to channel the art deco era of the ‘30s, your best bet is to go with glamour. The style, which reportedly was fueled by the design revolution that started in Bauhaus school in Berlin, Germany, is described as modernism with panache, using for charm the bright yet sensual coral, turquoise, and burgundy. You can paint your bathroom wall in a shade of any of these and compliment them with accessories.

Color is not the only thing that characterizes this retro bathroom art design. The people of that time’s fascination with all things Egyptian found its way to design schools and soon, Egyptian motifs were incorporated, including sphinxes, falcons, , and geometric prints and cuts, which inspired a whole new revolution of ideas in the interior design industry. You can put geometric patterns in shower curtains, bathroom rugs and anti-slip mats, towels, and toothbrush holders and cups.

If color is your game, you’ll have even more fun channeling the ‘50s, that design period where colors took the driver’s seat. You can use color pink, sea green, or aqua blue, prominently on plastic tiles to line your bathroom walls, as well as vanity , , and . Plastic was also big in the ‘50s, so you can use this material for your bathroom accessories, such as the toilet seat, soap dishes, shampoo and conditioner containers, lotion bottles, and the like.

Color reaches the next level in ‘60s retro bathroom art. With this design, you can play around with color from having psychedelic posters hung up on your bathroom walls to punchy Pucci prints on your bathroom windows. Your vanity drawers and cabinets can be customized to have flower-shaped pulls. You can also use ball-and-claw foot bathtubs with love beads, clean walls lighted up by colored candles, and cork with complimentary metallic wallpaper to invite nostalgic feelings of the devil-may-care style of the era.

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