Create a Whole New Kitchen With A Refurbish

by Pauline Furster

If you are looking to replace your but don’t have the money to buy one, then you might want to think about the existing one to give it a make over. As replacement can be pretty costly you can opt for one which can be carried out without a loan.

While considering for refurbishing your kitchen first thing to decide is the colour scheme or a theme. If you plan some theme for your new kitchen then you can easily decide the parts that are needed to be changed to give a new outlook.

Go for new colors or replace the old hardware of the kitchen with new. This small change will make your cabinets look like new without much fuss and will obviate the need replace the whole thine with new ones.

Another option is to change the color of your ceramic tiles. Try some different shades or textures using the special paint available. Consult some home improvement magazines to find ideas.

Your sink in the kitchen can be given a new look by installing a new faucet. And whilst you are changing these you might consider fitting a kitchen at the same time which will provide you and your family with a continous clean water supply. An under the sink type will filter all the water you use in your house so if you’re only wanting to filter your drinking water you need only fit a faucet model. Once installed the only addtional expense will be replacement water filters.

After considering changing the colors of you cabinets and walls, you may want to think about replacing the flooring. If you do so, choose flooring which is water resistant and durable and can be easily cleaned.

has became really popular in the last few years and it’s a perfect choice for kitchens. It’s easy to clean, durable, water and stain resistant and comes in many designs. It will even allow you to have a floor that looks like natural stone or hardwood.

Vinyl is another really good choice for . It’s one of the least expensive types of flooring that you can find and comes in an almost endless number of designs. Like laminate, vinyl is very easy to maintain and both water and stain resistant. There’s almost an endless range of colors, designs and textures giving you more choices than any other type of .

Now you are in the position to decide which is right for you – refurbishing or new installation. As you can see, refurbishing can save a lot of your time and money and is the best choice when you do not have a big enough budget to completely replace your kitchen.

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