A Woven Cane Seat

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February 15th, 2014 in blogs

Once in awhile I need to illustrate elements such as the on this causeuse designed by . Although the individual canes could be drawn, it would be tedious at best, create an awful lot of geometry and might impact the model performance. Instead, we can use a material with transparency. This will give us the appearance we need with minimal time investment.

So to start with, I poked around on the internet until I found a likely image candidate. In an image editor I cropped the image tightly so I have a repeating square pattern. This is different from the wood grain materials I make. For those I use as much of entire planks as I can.

After cropping, I erase the pixels where the holes are. The result looks like this:

The transparent areas show as black in the image, above. Then I save the image as a PNG file because PNGs support transparency.

Now it’s time for SketchUp. Open a new file in SketchUp and draw a square of the appropriate size. I know the square element in this image is 5/8 in. and with two squares in each direction so I drew a square that is 1-1/4 in. by 1-1/4 in. Then go to the File menu and click

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