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The editors at look at the Ready2Rout electronic router table system.

Ready2Rout - Popular Woodworking

The first creative product is a computerized, programmable router fence developed by Next Wave Automation; it will be released exclusively through Rockler starting in late September or early October. Why do we need a computerized, programmable router fence? Well, truth be told, it’s probably overkill for most of us. But if you’re the kind of woodworker who loves technology and wants to create precise and repeated joints, this machine does have appeal. And the price ($ 599) makes it a reasonable investment for techno-woodworkers.

The Next Wave system uses a tight-tolerance worm drive to precisely move the fence in relation to the bit. To zero it to the cutting diameter of your bit, you first insert a digital touch plate between the fence and the bit. Once the system has locked down that exact distance, you can program the fence for one or more cuts spaced specific distances from your cutter. You can save up to six fence positions in the system’s permanent memory in case you want to come back later and do another run of specific parts.

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Are These Machines the Future of Woodworking?

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