Exploring The Many Rugs and Carpet Combinations

by Alex Willesden

Used at home, in businesses, in , and many other places in modern day life, you could be forgiven for thinking that are a recent . However, you would be incorrect. Their origins can, as a matter of fact, be traced to around the third millennium BC in Central Asia. The 10th century witnessed their and from there they spread throughout and could be seen all over Europe by the .

Carpets are used to cover the floor and different materials are used to produce them on weaving looms, such as textiles and grass. Rugs also use the same materials but the method of making them is different. There are various types of rugs available which are meant for a particular use and you need to decide which is best suited to your home.

Area rugs are the most common type of rug that you’ll probably see around. These rugs are usually made by machine, and as a result are able to have bright and printed on them. Due to the nature of their production, they are commonly available in several sizes, and are normally not custom-made for your home.

Certain kinds of carpet can also be used externally. Outdoor rugs are probably the most long lasting of the lot, given that they are designed to withstand the elements. However, depending upon the material it is made of, an outdoor rug should be changed every couple of years.

are used to decorate a table or a shelf and are best suited to like , tending to be lengthy and narrow in size. They can be colorful with different patterns varying according to the place of their manufacture.

If you’re looking for carpet for stairs you have . There are those which can be cut from a roll or a runner referred to above. These are normally made of softer fabric than other carpets. Nevertheless, modern versions are built to last, as they typically undergo much stress and friction from our walking over them.

Wall-to-wall carpeting, also known as fitted carpeting is made to cover an entire section of flooring rather than a small area. Usually it is thick and comfortable, and helps to soundproof any footsteps or noise from the floors above. Due to the thickness, it can be harder to clean.

If you’re looking for an exotic touch in your house, do check out oriental rugs. Genuine oriental rugs must be handmade, as those not made by hand knotting or hand weaving are not considered a genuine product. They normally come from far-off places like China, Vietnam, Turkey and Iran.

Being as there are so many different types of carpets, there is sure to be one that will suit your needs and taste.

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