Rockler JIG IT Systems Make Installing Hinges Easy

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Make installation easy with Rockler JIG IT® Systems!
JIG ITs make mounting hinges easier, faster, and more accurate by minimizing setup time and eliminating variations from measuring and marking. Choosing the right JIG IT is your first step!

Concealed Hinge Rocker JIG IT system

Single JIG IT System
Drill concealed 35mm hinge cup holes one hinge at a time with ease and accuracy. Jig ITs perfectly align holes for mounting hinges to doors.

Rockler multi tool rail JIG IT system

Multi-Tool Rail JIG IT System
An extension of our Single JIG IT, this system lets you quickly and easily locate, center and drill multiple cup holes with one setup. Comes with two templates that can be repositioned along a T-track. Includes stopp for quick setup. Try additional Single JIG ITs to drill more than two hinges at a time.

Hinge Cup Drilling JIG IT by Rockler

Hinge Cup Drilling JIG IT for Drill Press
Simply align your fence with this JIG IT and start drilling holes for 35mm or 26mm cup hinges! Delivers

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