Right Triangle Formulas, Calculator and Table of Trigonometric Function Values

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On this page we’ve put together some useful for solving triangles and a of for the sine, cosine and .

Right Formulas
Table of Values

Right Triangle Formulas

The Pythagorean Theorem:
A² + O² = H²

Sin(x) = O/H
Cos(x) = A/H
Tan(x) = O/A

Inverse Trigonometric Functions
x = Ascsin[sin(x)]
x = Arccos[cos(x)]
x = Arctan[tan(x)]

Trigonometric Function Values

To calculate trigonometric function values, you’ll need to use a scientific or a table of trigonometric function values.  Scientific calculators are relatively inexpensive to buy and are a handy tool to have around the shop.  Free scientific calculators can often be found by searching the Web. Below, you’ll find a good old fashioned table of trigonometric function values for the sine, cosine and tangent functions.

Trigonometric Function Values
Degrees Sine Cosine Tangent Degrees Sine Cosine Tangent
1 0.01745 0.99985 0.01746 46 0.71934 0.69466 1.03553
2 0.0349 0.99939 0.03492

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