The Best Ways to Install Bamboo Flooring

by Melisa Rickerson

What are the best ways to install at your home or place of interest? The answers can be found in this article, which will advise you on some of the best ways to install this unique flooring.

When most people think of bamboo, they think of plant food for pandas, not as a material to build with. Bamboo is used in the processing of hardware flooring, with the use of modern techniques. Furthermore, the usage of bamboo is so highly prized and used; it rivals all the standard materials used to male , in terms of durability, stability and hardness.

Furthermore, you must know that bamboo is a very prized and high quality material, which can rival many other . For stability, durability and hardness, are the best than can be found anywhere.

Yes, these trees must be replanted again for them to be turned into wood and be replanted, which takes about 20 more years to complete. This dilemma is leaving many hardwood floor producers to find extra sources for hardwood flooring. Of course, the use of clear-cutting trees and destroying acres of precious rain forest is always an option, but even that will soon fade as the trees that are cut will also. This is why rain forests are being destroyed, acre by acre.

Furthermore, the bamboo flooring installation method is about the same as for other hardwood materials, after they are harvested, cut, processed, and finished. The best way to install a bamboo floor is to know the important steps in this process, beforehand. First, be sure to purchase the materials from a well-known and trustworthy manufacturer, who puts warranties on their products. This is very important, because if you buy faulty materials for the flooring project; you have to buy more materials and lose precious time, in the completion of the project.

Before you begin the flooring process, make sure that the subfloor is clean, level and dry. This step is very important, because if the subfloor is dirty, wet and uneven, the main floor will squeak and crack whenever being step on. Remember; do not bond well with dirty or wet floors. Simply, put the flooring process can and will be success, if everything is done right and orderly.

As a reminder, the first step for installing floors, is to ensure that the subfloor is clean, not wet and on the level. Skipping this step and installing bamboo flooring on at dirty, wet subfloor, can and will cause the floor to crack and squeak when being stepped on. Also, you should note that wet and dirty floors do not bond well with flooring adhesives.

If you lack the experience needed to complete the bamboo flooring process, it is wise to seek a professional, who have experience in bamboo flooring. For an added level of protection for the bamboo floor, you should use flooring adhesives to keep out dirt and moisture. After doing this, you would use a trowel and smooth the adhesive all over the floor, then install the planks on top of the adhesive.

Just as a note; the plank should be placed on the adhesive right away or the floor will not stick to the adhesive. Also; the best way to install bamboo flooring; is using a nail gun to firmly nail the plywood. Then, when the start rows are nailed shut; place the remaining planks on top of them and repeat the process.

Caring for bamboo flooring is pretty much the same as caring for hardwood floors and not stone should be unturned when doing this. This means that the floors should be swept, dusted, mopped and/or buffed, on a frequent basis with the use of wood cleaners. With that being said; keeping your floor clean will keep it in good condition for many years to come!

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