The Good & Ugly Facts About Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Treatment Systems

Reverse osmosis water filter systems is a treatment process for water. It removes dissolved minerals, bacteria, impurities or harmful chlorine though a membrane which water are forced through it and it is usually installed under the or near the house .  Through this treatment process, the water is purer and improves the . This system has existed over 40 years ago where it was designed to remove the minerals from water for the photography and printing industry.

Unfortunately, reverse osmosis treatment has various drawbacks. The main function of the treatment is forcing water through the membrane to eliminate the bad minerals however, at the same time; it also eliminates the minerals such as e.g. sodium, calcium or potassium which is for our health. This would also changed the water pH level and develops it from alkaline to acidic due to higher hydrogen level. As water are consumed in heavy consumption in  our daily life, it is dangerous to drink acidic water as it will develop our body system to be weak making it a perfect situation for diseases to develop in our body system, for example, cancer.  

Elements that are lighter than water cannot be filtered out through treatment hence pesticides that are lighter than water could travel pass the system. Furthermore, as the treatment uses water to pushes through the membrane, water wastage is very high as for every clean gallon uses almost four gallons of water hence making it quite environment unfriendly. The process is also time-consuming as every clean gallon of water can takes up to 3 to 4 hours through reverse treatment and thus, resulting the to an escalating high cost due to the extra water wastage.

As reverse osmosis water filter systems are often installed for kitchen usage only, the benefits (or not) would not be sufficient because we will come in contact which untreated water from other sources, for example, our showers or other basins at home.

This article is not suggesting that reverse osmosis is bad, as like other water treatment processes, it has its own pros and cons. However, the bottom-line are reverse osmosis treatment although produces purer and odorless water but it also promote too much of water wastage, environmental unfriendly, eliminates the good minerals and costly.

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