Bank Owned foreclosure Properties

by Steven McCarthy

Are you noticing all the owned properties are in the newspaper, have you ever wondered if maybe you could buy a house in for yourself, or maybe just fix it up and sell it. Chances are if you can’t help but notice all the for sale signs going up in your neighborhood then your already thinking about some type of and trying to figure out for yourself how you can make some big money investing in .

You should also be pre approved for a mortgage loan. Of course if you’re rich, then money is not a problem. but if not, then your just like most first time . Real estate investing revolves around the investors ability to think outside the box and structure deals in a way as to make the investment profitable. the purchase profitable. A seasoned real estate investor will research all the available information on any property you are interested in.

Buying and reselling foreclosed property generates a profit because it can usually be bought for far less than its market value. When it is resold for market value, the difference, minus expenses, is profit for the investor. Since an investor cannot expect to sell the home for more than its market value, the key to making a profit is acquiring the property so much below its market value that he can make whatever improvements are needed and still resell it for a profit.

All that are can be called an REO. “real estate owned”. All banks want to recoup as much of the money they put into the property as they can and still get it off their books as fast as market conditions allow. Often a can be priced 5-30% below current market value. Dealing with a bank on your own can prove difficult,that is why the services of a with experience buying bank foreclosure properties is something you should seriously consider before approaching a bank with your offer.

A real estate investor has to look at every part of a piece of property to determine its value. Finding an experienced real estate agent can be a big help by providing a list of the available properties and the assessed values. A higher assessment is better for the long term return provided nothing drastically changes in the neighborhood to lower values.

Now is the time you can get the best price on the size house you want. The economy is not in very good shape today. Many people cannot afford to make car or home payments. This leaves the ones who have saved up in the past at an advantage. How long have you been saving for a house of your own? How would you like twenty to forty percent more property for the same price as traditionally purchased real estate, looking into bank owned property can save you big money.

Foreclosures are a soaring problem across the country. In 2006 there were over 283,000 foreclosures filed, as apposed to the 2005 reports of 641,503 you see an increase of over 53% and that is a staggering jump. Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are one of the big culprits in the rising rate of foreclosures. With over 500 billion dollars in sub prime ARMs Scheduled for rate and payment hikes in 2008 added to the increase in their mortgage payment the rising cost of things like oil, gas, food, electricity and the recent doubling of credit card minimum payments. And you can quickly see how so many people have become overextended without losing their job.

So bank owned property will frequently need some minor repairs, upgrades or improvements that the investor can make which will increase the selling price of the property. Another way the investor can increase their profit margin is by reducing the cost of acquiring the property. An different way to do this is to invest in bank owned property.

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