| Modern Lighting: Light Is Color

by Fabian Toulouse

The hue and intensity of light impacts our daily lives, our moods and our sense of well-being. It is the medium through which we see all things. Eighty percent of the information we receive is gathered via our eyes. When we have insufficient light to see, we cannot get our bearing and then we feel insecure. Our sense of security is restored at night only when we have the privilege of having . Over the centuries, light has been studied and its mysteries have been explained by physics. Light is visible electromagnetic radiation that is transmitted by a source of light and travels in waves. It takes time to move from the light source to the eye. In a vacuum, it has been discovered that light can travel at a velocity of 300,000km/s.

Thousands of years ago humans not only used fire to heat and cook, but to pierce the darkness of the night. Campfires brought light and life into caves and into the hearts of our ancestors. As different settlements developed, lighting found a variety of application outside. By 264 BC, the ancient Egyptian were allegedly using light to send signals, while by 378 AD, Antioch had working street lights. In 1783, oil lamps were widely used, while gas from coal was starting to be used in streetlamps. In 1879, “re-invented” the light bulb. It had originally been developed 25 years earlier by , a German clock-maker. New materials, modern technologies, and new optical systems keep opening up new frontiers in artificial lighting.

Currently, only 10% of the total electrical consumption worldwide is used for lighting. Only one-fifth of that percentage is used in private household lighting. The lighting industry has developed a number of energy-saving options available, including efficient electronic control gear, long-life light bulbs, and . The aim of all of these innovations is to maximize output, minimize input, and improve overall lighting quality.

A quick visit to a lighting website will unveil a selection of fixtures. These fixtures often include multi- and mini-pendant lights, chandeliers, large pendant lights, bowl pendant fixtures, and linear suspension light fixtures (better known as pool table lights). Most reputable sites will feature transitional, contemporary ceiling lights selection features a number of different lamping options such as incandescent, halogen and fluorescent.

At one website in particular you will find a host of innovative designs. Lumens offers a vast selection of breathtaking chandeliers from such leading manufacturers as Forecast Lighting or Fontana Arte. The best thing about Lumens is that you can get the largest selection of all of the best products from all over the world in just one place. This company is the best at carrying all sorts of modern lighting products. If you cannot find it on their website, all you have to do is contact a customer service representative and ask. Chances are excellent that you will find what you are looking for at Lumens.

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