3 Quick Tips To Save Money On Patio Furniture

High quality can be downright expensive. Depending on the style, materials and quality you could easily pay $2,000 for a nice patio set with a patio cover, patio chairs and a patio table.

Considering this price range, most people buy cheap patio sets that will wear out within a few years. The other option is to buy that same high quality patio furniture, but at a discount by utilizing these three easy .

Most people fail to realize that using just a few well thought out ideas can you thousands of dollars not just on patio furniture, but just about every purchase you make. Before buying something expensive think about these things. Is now the best time to buy? Is everything clamoring over the same item? Is this time of year going to be more expensive? Can I buy it cheaper online? Is there a particular model or style that is less expensive this year? Can I buy last years model at a discounted price? Do I want to just buy cheaper discounted patio furniture?

1. Buy when nobody else is buying.

Everyone wants to update their patio when spring comes. This is the perfect time because then you’re able to enjoy your patio furniture all during summer and even into the warm fall nights. This makes sense because you will have more time to enjoy that discount patio furniture.

This however is absolutely the worst time to buy. Everyone wants patio furniture at this time and businesses know that. Why would they give you 50% off if the guy behind you will pay full price? This is simply supply and demand. If the seller has 10 buyers willing to pay full price and 10 items in stock, you probably will not be getting any kind of discount patio furniture.

Instead, consider buying at the end of the summer season when that same business is trying to get rid of their summer supplies. This may not be ideal because the time to enjoy your new patio furniture has passed, but next year you’ll have a $2,000 patio set that you only paid $1,000 for, and it will last for many years!

2. Buy where stock is high.

If a business sells 3 patio sets per year, there is a good chance they don’t get much of a price break from the manufacturer or distributor. Somewhere like Costco that sells 30,000 or more patio sets per year probably gets a much better price than the guy who buys 3 patio sets to sell. Where do you think the savings will show up?

3. Get a good warranty.

If the business selling your patio furniture says the warranty is 30 days, or the furniture is being sold “As-Is”, turn around and walk out.

Patio furniture is notorious for fading, cracking and just falling apart. If you spend a good deal of on your patio furniture and it falls apart, you’ll want to take it back. Odds are your 30 day warranty has already ran out.

When shopping for high quality patio furniture, keep these three easy tips in mind and save some money!

Patio Furniture can be expensive, that’s why we’ve developed a website that will help you save time and money when shopping for discount patio furniture while shopping online or in a store.

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