Add Life To Your Rent Flat

by Alex Paterson

Just because the only property to that you could afford was a small doesn’t mean that you have to feel crowded into your new home. Sleek styles of furniture, multitasking furniture and carefully chosen colours can make a small space feel like a palace. By following a few simple guidelines you can make your small space a very functional one.

The style of furniture that you choose for your small rental flat is very important. You want to choose furniture that is functional. When you live in a small space, less is more. The furniture you must have needs to be sleek and efficient. An overstuffed couch for example is not a good choice for a very small flat. It will take up too much precious space and you will find yourself cramped and uncomfortable. You may also want to leave the large dining table behind and opt for a smaller breakfast table instead.

You can easily save space by limiting the amount of furniture you need. A great example is that you could use a small dresser as a bedside table which will eliminate the need for another piece of furniture. When choosing a coffee table, be sure to buy one with drawers underneath, that adds valuable storage space and in a small rental flat there is no room for waste. A futon is a great way to save space in efficiency flat. A futon is one piece that folds into a bed or a couch. If a futon will not work for you another great space saver is a loft bed. It can even be placed right over the couch or dresser. Create even more storage by using a decorative box as a side table. With a little creativity you will find multiple uses for most of your furniture.

Choosing a colour for your small rent flat is can the feeling of space. If your landlord will allow you to paint the walls you definitely should. If not find a tapestry or screen that you used to some colour to the walls.

Neutral and pale colours are great choices to create the feeling of more space. Dark colours should be avoided because they will make the room feel smaller. If you love dark colours use those with your accessories but avoid putting them on the walls. If you enjoy patterns use vertical stripe to create the appearance of high ceilings or pick wallpaper with a simple design.

So it is easy to see that choosing the right furniture and colours is never as important as when you are decorating a small rent flat. Mixing in a bit of your personal style with these guidelines will allow you to create a space you will be happy to come home to each day. And that is what we are all looking for in our home, a place to be happy and relaxed.

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