10 Great Ways to Faux Paint Wood

Although our lodge-style house is thick with wood decor, both inside and out, we do have 3 metal exterior doors and some “off-white” textured aluminum garage doors that aren’t quite “right”. Yes, they look more or less like “painted” wood, and the colors don’t “clash”, but I’ve always felt they look kinda flat and boring.

So, recently I decided to look into faux wood painting and texturing techniques to improve the appearance of the doors. Here’s some of the best videos and techniques I’ve been able to find. Hope you find it helpful.

Mural Joe’s Easy Method for Achieving a Wood Look

Although this is not the final look I was after, the video shows how to mix and blend colors for a wood-like appearance. I think this techniques would be great for a “base” coat.

Mural Joe’s Faux Oak Grain

This video’s pretty amazing, especially toward the end where he does a “ripple” effect using what looks like a plastic baggie. It’s crazy how at first it’s not real impressive (that’s pretty much the case with all of these videos), but the end result looks great.

Professional Oak Wood Grain

David Zeollner uses a large graining roller (I want one!) to achieve his look. And the look is truly amazing. This is one of the few that is truly indistinguishable from real wood.

Quick and Dirty Wood Graining

Here’s another wood graining video, posted by “broadpallette”, but another professional job nonetheless. He uses a combination of rags and a wood graining tool to get an oak grain. Looks easy (hope, hope).

Wood Graining with Different Tools

Theater folks have to make all kinds of ‘fake’ stuff using many different mediums. Here’s a great demo using different tools – graining roller, comb, brushes – and some hints about color and depth.

Knotty Pine Wood Grain

OK, I admit it. Most of our wood is “clear” pine or knotty pine, although we do have some cabinets made of hickory, which looks a lot like knotty pine. In this video, Zach Freeman shows us how to create a knotty pine appearance. Looks pretty time consuming – especially the “knot” part – but very, very cool.

Wood Grain Lessons form HGTV

Of course HGTV would have an instructional video about wood graining.

Wood Grain on a Stair Rail

Michael Orr uses a tiny brush to create a grain pattern on a banister. He also shows how to really blend the grain so it looks natural.

Faux Oak Grain Creative Painting Techniques

The guys from CreativePaintingTechniques.org show how they do it. Base coat, graining tool, whisk broom, darker coat, final brushing. Quick and effective.

Faux Wood Garage Door

Finally, Zach Freeman shows us how he faux paints a garage door. His techniques seem to be all about blending to get the gradients.


I need your help and advice. Have you tried to faux paint wood grain? Was it a success? Let us know your experiences in the comments. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter so I can get their input as well.

Thanks, and have fun!

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