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Simply put, a is a database used online, accessed through a website or some other interface. A is handy because you can get access to your data via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Databases are used to back a majority of websites today. A web database is usually created in a way that is accessible to a script language such as the Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP. Using a database can add powerful interactive features to your website and save publishing time. It offers you large storage space, and the ability to perform modifications on your data without getting lost in all the technicalities.

are the bread and butter of web database programs. Through them, you can be able to send images, text messages, videos, programs and other web content information to the person browsing through your website. You can deliver all sorts of information to your viewer through your .

One of the most common and most popular types of database-driven web sites is the search engine. The search engine works by simply typing text into a box. After clicking the search button, the site generates a page full of options and information.

A database-driven website also offers a number of functions that can be useful to the visitors of the website. This includes using a site that is able to provide a directory. The directory may be used to display a list of contacts, address or even events.

On that note, a database-driven website can act as a sort of library for a large amount of data. Using a database driven approach, the programmer would build a product table in the site’s database. This table would contain a series of columns with pertinent information about the information. When a user visits a particular page, the template grabs the data associated with that record’s identification number from the database, plugs the data into the template and presents the user with a complete product page “on the fly.”

The site can also be used for surveys. The survey information can be inputted on the site and it can be stored in the database. The website database simplifies the tedious task of distributing survey handouts.

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