Facts to be considered before setting up a lawn

by Andrew Caxton

This article talks about the factors that need to be before up a new . It gives information on the time of planting new seeds, watering and also maintaining the apt ground firmness.

If you are planning to grow a lawn, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration before you start the whole exercise. First of all, you need to invest some thought into the time when you should ideally sow the seeds. According to the experts, the hot summer months or early winter is a great time for sowing seeds as it allows plenty of scope for the seeds to germinate as well as mature in the first season. The apt temperature for seed planting is around 60 to 80 degrees and soil rich in nutrients and water fosters seed growth.

If it is the first time that you are planting grass on the soil, it is advisable to test the soil to check whether it can provide the seeds with all the nutrition they require. practices also require that you check the soil to find out the proportion of the nutrients to ensure that once the grass comes out of the seed, it has all the food that it needs. Apart from this, till such time that the seeds germinate; the lawn has to be watered very frequently. After the germination, it is a good idea to fix a time schedule for the watering.

Generally, after the grass has begun to grow two inches of water suffices for both a new lawn as well a lawn of some seasons. Another factor that helps a new lawn is loose soil on the top so that roots can easily penetrate the soil and establish themselves. If the lawn is subject to thatch, it could come in the way of a strong root system.

As part of the preparation process of a new lawn, getting rid of all the roots and rocks initially will reduce time later when the grass has to be mowed. Similarly, smoothing small ridges and filling in valleys will make the ground conducive for proper lawn conditions and it will also appear more attractive to the eye.

The appropriate firmness of the ground is very essential for the seeds to settle down in to the soil. In cases where the surface of the ground is very hard or very loose, seeds cannot flourish. If the soil is looser than the prescribed specification, it could lead to soil erosion during the rains and the seeds could also be washed away. So, loosening the soil is also an integral part of new lawn care.

After the planting of the seeds, they have to be left to themselves for the seeds to set up their roots. Some straw or hay on top of the ground will prevent birds from plucking on the roots and will also help to retain the moisture which is vital for a new lawn to grow. However, this is not the case if you use artificial turf grass. But that is a different story for some other time.

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