Ceramic Tile Countertops

If your kitchen is in need of remodeling, one of the projects that you’ll probably want to do, is install a new countertop. Take a look at the old countertop. Is it cracked, pitted, worn out? If your countertop is looking a bit shabby, then you’ll most likely want to look into replacing it.

If your remodeling project includes replacing the counter, tiles are becoming increasingly popular as an option for kitchen . You can find tiles in many varieties: porcelain, glazed, mosaic, colored, patterned… just about anything you want. Ceramic tiles are versatile, and come in array of designs and shapes. You can use them for an artistic look, a rustic country look, or upscale. Whatever design you choose to create will enhance your . Ceramic tiles are low maintainance, and high in style. A is both durable and heat resistant.

When you design your countertop, be creative. Instead of a simple, solid color countertop, add some interest with two or three different colors. You can add a repeating pattern of colors, or just insert a few random tiles of a different color. Choose colors that will either blend in with the existing , or something that will contrast. If you choose contrasting colors, though, be careful not to choose colors that will clash. You don’t want to be blinded when you walk into your kitchen. As well as solid colors, you can also find painted tiles, with pictures on them. You can add some of these here and there in the counter to add some interest.When planning a tile countertop, be sure to plan a tile backsplash as well. The backsplash can either match the color of the counter, or have a different pattern or color to contrast with the countertop.

Granite countertops are popular in today’s kitchens, but the price may be prohibitive. Costs can run from $50-$60 per foot or more. Because of this, granite countertops may not be an option for everyone, despite their popularity. If you like the look of granite, but don’t want to pay the price for it, granite tiles are an option. Granite tiles use the same stone, and have the same appeal of a solid granite countertop, except for the price. Granite tiles are just as durable and heat resistant as a solid granite countertop, as well as providing an excellent surface for handling dough. The beauty of granite will compliment almost any style of cabinet and kitchen decor. Granite tiles are a versatile option to ceramic tiles, with a wide range of color options. If you don’t want to install granite on your entire counter, then you may want to at least consider laying granite tile on your kitchen island.

Tile countertops, whether ceramic or granite, are a great choice for a new kitchen counter if you’re on a budget. A tile countertop can be done in a weekend, and provide endless design opportunities. You can design a countertop that expresses your tastes, and will compliment your kitchen decor.

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