Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Baby’s Nursery

by Sonja Marlinio

All mommys-to-be dream of setting up a picture for their new baby. But, what makes a nursery? Well, the very first thing you will need to do is decide on the nursery . Every baby’s nursery must have a crib, changing table, dresser, rocking chair, and a lamp.

In today’s baby furniture market there are many choices of cribs to choose from. Set a budget and get the measurements of the room before you start shopping. You may want to stick with a traditional rectangular crib, or go with a unique round crib. Also, some cribs are made to convert into toddler beds and even adult beds for future use. Whatever the style or color you choose, be sure you are buying from an authorized dealer of the brand so all warranties will be in tact. Also, be sure to check if the crib meets or exceeds all Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and government requirements. All materials should be finished with non-toxic paint and contain no formaldehyde.

With every new baby comes the added chore of dirty diapers. Several times a day you will need a place for you and baby to comfortably and efficiently complete this chore. A changing table designed specifically for this purpose is the answer. When you are shopping, ask if the changing pad comes with the table, or if it is priced separately. Take measurements of your space and decide what items you will be storing in the changing table. Many models have shelves or drawers, or a combination of both. When you are shopping, remember you will have one hand holding the baby. So, any drawers or doors that need to be opened must be accessible one-handed.

Unless you have built-in cabinets in your baby’s nursery, you will need a dresser. Many times, you can save money by purchasing the crib and dresser as a set. Selections include dressers with drawers, dressers with side-by-side shelving, or a combination of both. Try opening each drawer one handed, because most of the time you will be holding baby in one hand while you gather items with the other. Some models are very hard to open one-handed. Also, check all warranties and ask about safety features before you buy.

One of the best chores of parenthood is the many hours of rocking and feeding your new baby. This makes a rocking chair in the nursery a very important furniture item. Before you shop, decide what you will be most comfortable in for long periods of time and consider how much space it may take up in the nursery. You have the choice of a traditional rocking chair with an extra comfortable cushion, or the option of a recliner to comfortably put up your feet and rest with your precious new baby.

The lighting in your baby’s nursery is very important. When your little one wakes up at four in the morning, the last thing you or your baby want is a bright light. On the other hand, you need enough light to safely move around in the nursery for changing and feeding. A lamp will let off enough light for you, and still keep the room in semi-darkness for a sleepy baby. You have a choice between floor lamps, table lamps, and lamps with several light settings (these last ones require a special bulb that is a little more costly). Just be sure any lamp is safely out of reach once baby starts becoming more adventurous.

Whatever style or color you choose for your baby’s nursery, nothing will take the place of you being there. Shopping for furniture and decorations is an exciting part of welcoming a new baby into our lives, but it is not the most important part. At the end of the day, it’s not the furnishings, but the loving and caring touch of family that will make lasting memories for years to come.

Happy Shopping

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