What to look for when buying a Home Sauna Room

by Timoth J Musicky

Deciding on what type of to choose can be complicated. There is a wealth of information on the Internet but most is marketing hype. A sauna is an investment in your and will increase the value of your . I have put together some guidelines to follow to help you select a sauna that is right for you.

Sizing the is important. how many people will be in the sauna at one time? If this is for therapy then you only need space for one or two persons. Be careful as bigger is not always better in a . Heating up un-used space can cost you. Smaller will heat up much quicker and cost less to operate.

Do you want an indoor or outdoor sauna. If you decide on an outdoor sauna, be sure to check on the quality. The walls need to be thick to with stand the elements. Select a heater that is slightly larger than used on an indoor sauna room. You can also consider a wood fired sauna heater if you are building an outdoor sauna room.

Type of sauna door? This is important if you want privacy. Glass doors give the illusion of more space but also allow anyone to look into the sauna. If you bath naked, then you may opt for a privacy sauna door with out a window.

Types of sauna heater. Infrared saunas are becoming popular but I suggest before you buy you try it out as many sauna enthusiast do not consider this a proper sauna room. If you want high humidity and higher temperatures then a Finnish style sauna heater should be chosen. Companies also make hybrid or combo rooms that have both types of heaters in them.

Choose a good wood for your sauna room. Cedar has always been the choice wood but is also the most expensive. However its properties are worth the investment. Cedar does not warp and does not rot. Cedar has natural insulating properties that leaves it feeling cool even in a hot sauna. Stay away from cheap woods such as hemlock especially if you are looking at using steam in your home sauna. Saunas built in Asia tend to be cheaper but also lack the quality.

A Sauna room needs to breath. This means you need proper ventilation. cold fresh air should be drawn in and the hot moist air exhausted to the outside of your house. A home sauna should vent air similar to your dryer.

come in two forms, DYI kit and modular kit. The DYI kits are material packages and they need to be framed. The modular sauna rooms are prebuilt walls and they go together quicker. DYI can make a better sauna rooms if you chose quality materials, however they require some carpentry skills.

I have listed some of the more important issues to consider when choosing a sauna room. A Home sauna is a big investment and as such always go for quality as your 1st decision as a properly built sauna room will last for 20 plus years and appreciate your home.

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