The Use Of Rocks In Landscaping

by Kent Higgins

come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are a great “new” idea to allow your personality to show through in the design of your . Whilst have been used for for many years, their use has been reinvented in particular with river rocks. You may choose to use natural rocks or artificial rocks in that “perfect” shape, but where can you find them?

Where to Find

If you live in an area that has rocks occurring naturally, you may well find just what you need and save yourself a great deal of expense. If you are not so lucky, there are plenty of garden stores or landscaping companies that will have just what you are looking for. You can even go online and search for artificial rocks that can be personalized to suit your needs. But wherever you purchase your rocks, you should consider the following things.

What You Need to Know When Buying Landscaping Rock

What job will the rock have to do? Some rocks are not suitable for certain jobs, so do your homework to make sure that you choose the right type of rock. This applies if you are doing the work yourself or if you are getting a professional landscaper.

Landscaping Rock Garden Ideas

Landscape rocks can be used in a number of ways for different areas in your garden design. They can be used to construct walls, paths, decorative columns, the foundations for other structures and as focal points. There is a rock to suit just about any role in your garden.

Rocks used as accents or focal points will give your garden design a great deal of character and will add dimension to the garden. Accent rocks can be used as a border around garden beds, a swimming pool or a pond.

Using rocks to construct a retaining wall will give the dual benefits of providing strength to a structure as well as a beautiful appearance. A “rock garden”, with small plantings nestled between the rocks will provide an original and naturalistic look to your garden. By far the style now is the use of river rocks in landscaping.

Tips for River Rock Landscaping

River rocks can be used to create stepping stones, construct a retaining wall or just to add interest to certain areas of your garden or to your backyard landscaping design. They can even be used as weed suppression in your flower beds. Water is not necessary with river rocks to create the desired effect.

For people with small children, water can be a safety concern, so using river rock to create a dry river bed bordered by ornamental grasses and flowers is an effective alternative. Blue and greens in the grasses add interest in the form of color.

Whatever you decide regarding your landscape design, you will be able to find a landscaping rock to fit your needs.

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