Do You Have the Best Dryer Exhaust System?

by Horatio Chiorean

How often do you have your appliances professionally inspected for safety? Most people have the furnace checked every year, but how often do you have your clothes dryer inspected? Sadly, most people never even think about this unless they have experienced a dryer fire. Like furnaces, clothes dryers also must be properly maintained. The dryer exhaust system should be inspected to be sure it is up to code.

UL Safety Standards

First, you need to know the rating of the products you are using. The UL rating should be printed somewhere on the information about the parts that make up your dryer vent system. While most of the more recent clothes dryers that have been installed are UL approved, there are many people using clothes dryers that have been in place for many years, or they have just changed out the dryer, but not the vent system. That means it’s time to pull your dryer out, or have a professional do it for you, and make sure the parts of the vent system are up to the newer standards.

Vent Tube Length

Just like so many other things in life, the shortest distance to the destination is the best plan of action for your clothes dryer. The vent system has to carry hot air and lint out of your home and the more piping it has to work through the harder it has to work. Additionally, the more line there is to make it through the more chance that lint will get caught up in the line and start to clog up the pipes which can cause a fire hazard and reduce the efficiency of your dryer.

Bends and Elbows

What does the route of your dryer vent tube look like? Does it make several turns before getting to the vent outside? These turns also restrict air flow and increase the chance of lint being caught up within the exhaust system. This reduces the performance of your clothes dryer, increases drying time, uses more energy and can be a fire hazard.

Smooth Material

Is your dryer exhaust tube smooth on the inside or are there screws for the lint to get caught on? The pipe should be smooth to allow easy air flow and less chance of lint getting caught and clogging the system. A newer vent system will be pieced together so that there are no screws protruding to the inside.

The parts that make up your dryer exhaust and vent system must meet today’s safety codes to ensure safety and efficient performance. If you are unsure of your dryer vent system, you should have a professional who specializes in and maintenance do an inspection. The service fee is little compared to the energy savings of a healthy dryer vent system and the reassurance that your home is safe from a fire hazard.

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