Should You Keep Houseplants In Their Plastic Pots?

by Keith Markensen

Indoor plants in interesting can be a beautiful addition to your home. Many people buy plants, only to leave them in their original nursery containers! These containers are not only ugly, but they also make it hard for your plants to thrive. Most need special plants to allow their roots room to grow. When you are searching for new pots for your , there are several types of materials that you can consider.

Terra cotta pots are very popular for indoor plants. These plants have a warm, orange-tan color when unpainted. These porous clay pots usually come with one hole at the bottom with drainage. For most plants, you should also purchase a terra cotta saucer to catch drainage water. You can also find unique terra cotta plants which are glazed, or paint your own.

Another popular choice for re-potting houseplants is a ceramic pot. These are very attractive, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your dcor. Ceramic pots come glazed, and are made in a variety of sizes. Make sure to notice whether there are drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Some ceramic pots do not come with drainage holes, so you’ll have to choose suitable plants for these pots.

Resin pots are a good choice if you are concerned about terra cotta or ceramic pots breaking. Resin is a type of plastic, and it comes molded into pots with a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are resin pots available to fit any style. Most come with pre-drilled drainage holes, but if not, you can drill your own. If your pot does have drainage holes, of course, you’ll need to select an appropriate tray to catch the draining water.

Galvanized metal plant containers are a unique choice, which can lend a casual, country mood to your home. Galvanized metal containers are usually bucket or tub-shaped. Galvanized metal is a special kind of metal treated to prevent rust, making it an ideal material for many plants such as ficus benjamina. While many garden centers keep a variety of galvanized pots on hand, you may find a larger selection at a feed and tack store. Although many do not come with drainage holes, you can drill your own in the metal. If you do use it for a landscape tree or a which requires drainage holes, be sure to place a tray underneath it to catch drainage water.

When choosing an pot, no matter what material you select you will be able to find a style and color to fit your dcor. All of these types of plant containers are made in a variety of sizes, so you will be able to find one that is suitable for your space. You should purchase your plants at the same time you choose pots, so that you can match plants to appropriate pots. Plus, you will have more reason to transplant your new plants into their new pots right away.

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