Dryer Vent Cleaning And Repairs

When you think of the of your , there is a lot to keep in mind. Though it is likely something you think about the least, it could be the one cause you the biggest problem. Failure to maintain the is the number one cause of clothes related fires.

In order for you to be able to understand the importance of dryer vent , you first need to realise how to system works.

As clothes dry, lint is removed and blown out of the dryer through the duct and vent. The trap will capture only 60 percent of the lint that comes out of clothes dryer. Before you dry each load and start to remove the lint, this is the part of the clothes dryer you should pull out. But that’s only 60 percent. But what will happen to the other forty percent?

The part of the lint that managed to pass the trap is going outside, all the way through the duct system that comes out of your clothes dryer. The duct work is that crinkled-looking hose that comes out of the back of your dryer and leads to a hole in the floor or on the wall. It leads to the outside of your and right into the dryer ventilation system, although you may not see that path at all. There will definitely be lint that is simply too heavy an sticky to make it out of the line so it will stay on the walls for indefinite time. You should take care of this at least once a year.

The final stop for lint, on the way out of your dryer, is the dryer vent. This is a flapper vent top that is at the end of the line outside. At this place the hot and steamy air is finally loose. Lint will continue to build up, of course, which is a big fire hazard and a big obstacle for your clothes dryer to do its work properly.

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