The Advantages of Teak Garden Furniture

by Spencer Wilkins

There are many different types of materials from which that goes outdoors in the can be made. Although is not only one of the most expensive materials from which outdoor can be made it is also one of the most popular. In this article we look at some of the reasons why teak outdoor garden is so popular.

Reason 1 – This particular type of wood has a very high rubber content within it and it is this which actually provides the wood with a natural resistance to heat, frost and water. As well as having a high rubber content the wood has a large amount of oil in it which protects it from being damaged by any kinds of insects. In fact this wood is so durable that it can withstand all kinds of weather without requiring any kind of maintenance for several years.

Reason 2 – Unlike other types of wooden the ones made from teak don’t actually need to have any oils or polishes applied to retain its looks. But as the wood can often turn a grey color in the intervening years many people prefer to apply a good quality teak oil to prevent this.

However, if the is not cared for over time the natural oils in the wood become depleted and this can lead to the surface of the furniture being damaged. Along with the surface becoming rough, cracks may appear allow the right environment in which fungus can develop. It may be several years before you feel that your needs maintaining, but if you care for it properly then it will last for years to come. Below in another part of this article we look at the types of things one can do to care for teak .

Reason 3 – As unlike other woods when it comes into contact with metals teak does not allow rust or corrosion to form and which could actually effect the furniture’s stability. Therefore combining teak and metal means that you can opt for a more unique style of garden furniture if you want.

Reason 4 – Caring for is much easier than any other kinds of wood or metal for that fact. To maintain it one needs to just regularly wash the furniture down using a scrubbing brush (soft) and some warm soapy water that contains a very mild detergent in it. The other tool you can use to clean off the dirt from is a high pressure sprayer, but make sure that you use the gentlest setting possible.

Teak wood which has not been properly maintained and becomes weathered and mildew allowed to develop on it can only be returned to its former glory using a specialist cleaning product. These contain chemicals that will not only remove the dirt but kill off the fungus and mildew that has developed on the wood. To use them you need to be wearing a good pair of protective gloves, do the work in a space that is well ventilated and away from areas where it can do damage or where people are like to be.

After the teak has been cleaned and washed down now it needs time to dry out. To fully dry out it will take several days and only after this can the right kind of be applied. Such sealers for teak outdoor garden furniture can be applied either with a foam brush or they come in a spray bottle. But both types will ensure that the wood is able to absorb enough of the sealer to provide it with the right level of protection. In one day two coats of the need to be applied and after the second coat has been applied any excess needs to be removed by wiping it away with a clean cloth.

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