Home Design Often Centered Around Kitchens and Family Rooms

by Claudio Carbeni

is big business and the options are as limitless as the imaginations of the builders. Two spaces included in every design are the kitchen and . These two are the common areas of the , used by every member of a household and the styles of these rooms typically reflect this. and family rooms are also being combined in large, open floor plans to incorporate the two most used rooms in a .

Kitchens are big business, and from the appliances, the surfaces, the cabinets and floors, the options on materials are vast. The kitchen is also a room where a lot of time and even more money are spent. This room is often periodically renovated and redesigned to suit different owners of a house. The cooking needs are often considered when designing to suit an owner. If the kitchen will be used by a gourmet cook, then the appliances and rest of the kitchen will typically reflect this. Commercial ovens, cook tops and refrigerators are becoming more and more popular in private homes as well.

Families will often desire that their kitchen have enough space. Counter space, storage and room to move around and even eat in are very popular in current kitchen design schemes. Many homes are around a large open area that will include not only the traditional needs of a kitchen, but will open up into a larger gathering space for the family. Sofas, televisions, dining areas and more are all incorporated into one area, to encourage more togetherness and comfort.

Living rooms, dens, family rooms, whatever the name, the idea behind them is always the same. They are the gathering spot for residents of a home to come together. These rooms are the most likely to reflect the inhabitants of the home. Whether there is family, couple or single person living in a home, it is usually evident in the living room. Designing a room for a larger group will most often include multiple seating areas, entertainment areas, and using this space to its greatest potential is important.

Televisions, surround sound, computers and other electronics are all typically used in this room and elegant and tasteful incorporation of these devices is possible. There are many furniture stores that now specialize in making furniture that integrates technology seamlessly with elegant design.

There are many design software products and websites that can aid anyone interested in beginning a design project in their kitchen or family room, or for those interested in combining the two. Many of these services can provide blueprint imaging so that you will be able to decide everything you want, or at least can afford, online and without penalties for changing your mind.

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