What You Should Know About Honda Portable Generators

by Adrian Fletcher

has developed a strong reputation over the past 50 years. You immediately recognize the name when it comes to automobiles. Their range of cars and motorbikes are top sellers and lead the way in innovative designs and technology. But is also developing a trusted name in the power equipment field, not least in their range of . Honda portable are top of the line equipment and come at very reasonable prices.

Here are some of the details you should know about Honda . They come in a few ranges that each have their own features and qualities that suit various needs. Principally there is a model that will fit for recreation, construction, rental and emergency needs. Indeed, All Honda meet the or EPA regulations.

Different Kinds Of Honda

The range of portable generator known as the EU series is the most powerful line of but is also very quiet at the same time.

They represent the leading edge of portable power technology. Ranging from 1000 up to 6500 watts, this series of Honda portable generator is surely great, super quiet, and very fuel-efficient and is ideal for both back-up purposes for your home and recreational applications.

The next in thew Honda series of generators is the EM. This is a notch up from the EU in terms of the capacity to provide power. It can deliver 3800 watts through to 6500 watts. It also has a number of features that makes it ideal in the home as a back up or on commercial jobs. Indeed whether they may be for home back-up purposes or general-purpose situations, the EM series is powerful enough to handle it all.

On the slightly heavier duty side, the EB series of Honda portable generator is made for industry and commercial applications. They can deliver 3000 watts through to a massive 10500 watts of power for any job that you may require. They also have many features that industries like construction find invaluable.

It would be remiss of me to leave out the bargain basement model in the Honda portable generator stable. These are the EN and EG series. They are reliable and robust and come at a cheaper price range than many of the other models. However their power output is for smaller applications as they come in at 2500 to 5000 watts.

So pass a glance at the many models of Honda portable generator available. They have the Honda name that ensures quality and reliability (oh, and a guarantee) but they also come with a very good bottom line too.

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