Xenon Linear Strip Lighting

produces an ivory-tinted that often creates a slightly golden aura around certain colors and substances. Although it can be very bright, this light tends to be gentler on the eyes than the more glaring, pure of . As such, it makes for both a better (light that travels in a straight line from fixture to subject) and indirect (light reflected off a wall or glare shield onto the subject.) Sophisticated combinations of both direct and can be achieved if you select a xenon linear lighting strip that has superior festoon lamp design and multiple glare shields in place to provide optimal lighting control.

The most popular application for xenon linear lighting is under . This is due to xenon’s ability to render both cool and warm colors with equal depth and distinction. also has a high CRI (color rendering index) when it comes to lighting cool colors such as white or off white counter tops. However, for the deep blues and reds commonly seen in today’s marble and granite countertops, a more robust source of lighting like that produced with xenon festoons is preferable. Both granite and marble are hard composite stones with multiple layers of vibrantly colored minerals embedded in their substance. Xenon linear under cabinet lights produce enough light to clearly illuminate the many complex colors and patterns in the stone while at the same time adding something of a three-dimensional look to the countertop. By extending the “depth” of the surface, reflective glare is minimized, making for a more sheik and refined appearance appropriate to today’s larger, more elaborate custom kitchen and bathroom d

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